The modern society today is chanting a lot about dupattas. How they are outdated, judged and not essential to carry anymore. Young ladies’ mindset is being prepared in such a way that they are totally convinced that this piece of clothing is just too obsolete and passé.


Sad Reality of our Society

We live in such a beautiful civilization where to pry into other’s private matters is like a part-time job for many people. We love to comment, judge and jump to quick conclusions. To discuss someone who is not present at the moment and has nothing to do with your life is our desi aunties’ full-time job. It’s hard for a Pakistani to mind his own business.


Why There Is No In Between in our Attitudes?


Wondering what all this has to do with dupatta? Nosy speculations and Social Slavery are the main factors that have influenced a share in the relationship of a woman and her dupatta.

Today, our society has two extremes, one who doesn’t want to wear a dupatta at all and makes a mockery of it, disregard and undervalue the one who carries it. On the other hand, the ones who consider it everything, a sign of honor, respect and safety and would consider a woman dignified until or unless she drapes a 2 to 3-meter long dupatta in the manner defined by them.



Being Slaved and not Even Realizing!


Let’s have a look at the first case. These are the one who consider the rest of the world religious extremes and outdated except them. Those who wish to be in the spotlight by following every latest trend and fashion and consider every other who doesn’t do the same a fool. Well interestingly enough, they are tricked by being socially and commercially slaved. Brands, advertisements and sales let you decide what to wear. You don’t distinguish who you are, where you belong from. All you desire is to follow those fashion idols instinctively who are paid just to increase the trade?

If not we then who?

You are doing is just generating the revenue for their businesses. Not saying that it is depraved to be in fashion, but at least try to own your culture, your values. Why are you so ashamed of it? Have you seen any western woman wearing chiffon dresses, Pakistani cotton suits or designer long cotton kurtis on a casual day with pride? They own their culture and taste no matter what it is, but we are embarrassed to apparel our eastern traditional dress as it is outdated.

If we are the one who disowns and disrespects the simple pleasures of our values, sweet and traditional taste of our dressing than whom do you expect to appreciate them? We are the ambassadors of our culture and dupatta has been a part of our culture since forever.

Own it with great pride.