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Enhance the feminine touch in your style

Friday, March 3, 2017 4:23 PM

Enhance the feminine touch in your style

Traditional attire comes with a vast array of style selections to choose from when dealing with a tailor or passing through brand outlets or online sites for shopping. Every style has its own perks and charms, but it won’t manage to suit on every skin tone, body shape or feature. Edgy collars won’t rest perfectly on every shoulder, yellow won’t bring out the glow in every complexion, and frills might not flaunt every body shape and the same goes for long loose sleeves. Recognize the off-setting as well as flattering trends with accordance to your natural features.

Thin or curvy

Since the differentiation is majorly classified on the variety of body shapes, let’s speak of trends we can be concerned with when it comes to thin women first. Thin women are at a benefit with regards to sleeves. Pretty much any sleeves will go great; cap sleeves, three quarters or the full ones, be them fitted, straight or flowy, nothing can hold back the slim ladies from going with flattering.

Another thing to be cautious about is the neckline you go for. Keep in mind that collars don’t go best with short necks. However reverse the term for the longer ones. Though it’s not mandatory to go with collars when you’re blessed with a longer neck.

Dressing strategies to deal with fat figures are much about illusion. Going with darker shades to keep you from looking heavier, donning long lengths to avoid the same worry and textures or prints that are more of a vertical illusion. However, for the slim ladies out there, even short lengths, horizontal textures and umbrellas sleeves are in their favor.

Short or tall

The thing about being short is that flowy shalwars and volumising trousers tend to make you look shorter or chubbier. Fix the flaw with long kurtis. However the taller women who are actually slim too will totally ace the shalwars as well as the tulip ones. But the taller fat ones go with straight trousers or chooridars

Rosy, Tan or Dark

For now we’re just going to add in color suggestions for the three skin tones. The colors to the rescue in case of darker complexions are grey, beige, ground, seed, olive, dull red, and sky blue. Tan girls look charming with pretty much any color. However medium colors aren’t that catchy on tans but the darker fabrics are way more flattering. Rosy skin tones too are at good luck even with cheetah prints. Suggestions for all: Avoid wide prints. Though rosy complexions can be an exception on this one as well.

With, you can go through a wide variety of girls designer clothes preferably Pakistani lawn dresses with great designs right under your fingertips.

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Why ace the Nikah look in white

Thursday, March 2, 2017 6:36 PM

Why ace the Nikah look in white

Nikah moments are indeed the most magical and touchy ones. When we’re all set to move on to a whole new commitment, which calls in for a delicate soft appearance. Fresh dewy skin with peachy or rosy blush, a lip tint to flatter the whole expression in an adorable smile and of course, defined eyes with more like a natural look, are no less than any signature eye makeup. So what is left to make a whole lot difference is the sort of enchanted attire you’re donning. We’ll leave out a couple of ‘dress with loveliest perfection’ ideas for the nikah attires this spring.


As pure as white

White carries such charm with itself that even the simplest nikah dress would be graceful enough for any girl to ace the look with the trending plus latest dress designs. We have two celebrities to seek inspiration from. Either go pure with all over off white like Syra Yousuf’s nikah look or fall for the Ayeza Khan’s red chunri veil with kiran on the borders to fill in the remaining charm to the absolutely lovely white dress. We love both the trends. Even Annie Jaffery’s engagement look from late 2013 is still gorgeous enough to tick its approval for a nikah celebration. We totally agree that there can just never be enough women dress designs when speaking of the bridal attire.

Embellished ideas

Since we’ve mentioned in one of the recently posted article on all that you need to know about embellishment, you’ll pretty much get the hint of what choices you have, to be able to go with for the sort and amount of embroidery to get along with for the occasion. We like the off white dresses best, especially when gone with white gold embroidery to get the creamy tone for the dress.

As long as the length and measure of the dress is concerned, the bridal dresses are still aren’t deprived of super long maxis but since it’s a nikah outfit, it’s going to be convenient if you plan for a medium length decently fancy kameez that flaunts your body shape with praises and either a full embellished white shalwar like how Mawra Hocane posed in with on one of her dholkis. Other than that you have the choice to pair up fancy yet decent embellished trousers to go with the matching long top.


Flowers go as charming for the hair

With the sober yet fancy dresses being so delicate, addition of tiny white petals on a braided hairstyle triples the enchanting impact. Even if the bride goes for a defined updo with the right flicks of loose curls hanging out, a fixed flower on the side of the elegant chignon will be as graceful as hairstyle masterpiece.

Miscellaneous recommendation: Go for a light henna design to avoid overdone hands with tacky designs so you can gather equal complements on perfect gold bangles to go for a dewy toned wrist. For Pakistani latest dress designs, you can go through our site and spot any further stitching ideas to seek inspiration from and get to know if there’s any necessary item that you can avail via our services.

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Trending shawls this season

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 12:33 PM

Trending shawls this season

The time is gone when any dress could go with any sort of pairing between tie and die dupattas and even with pekoes on the borders and polka dots all around them.


Now: Patterned dupattas; Before: Phulkari chadars

The trend of phulkari chadars were just the guests of the winter. Though many women were not that great of a fan of the Sindhi karahi chadars that went viral in a variety of cultural combination of vibrant colors. It has all now transformed into the spring fever.

The proper Pakistani shalwar kameez that come with a full fledge patterned dupattas in cotton or lawn are adorned. With a variety of colors along with the vibrant ground color, and superior diversity in patterns and prints make it an ease to pair it with any other dress as an alternative.

Now: Ajrak; Before: Cashmere Shawls

Cashmere Shawls would fix up pretty much any attire you decided to wrap around. Well that was winters and since the weather seems to be warming up, the Ajrak has started to play its dual role after marking its fashion appearance throughout the winters. Ajrak has always been known to warm us up as well as cool us down during the opposing weather. So, the evergreen Ajrak too, has taken over this season.

Now: Chiffon with patterned borders; Before: Black or White linen

Black or white linen dupattas have always been a basic fashion emergency solution but that can’t always go gracefully. Traditional dresses can get the ‘complete’ look by pairing up a plain chiffon dupatta of the matching color or the ground color of the dress and instead of going for the mainstream pekoes. Just get the matching patterned cloth stitched on to the dupatta’s border and the lining, if you happen to be having the dress stitched.


Now: Chunri dupattas; Before: Tie n’ die dupattas

Chunri dupattas are exceptionally still around, they were thought of being a thing of the past but it is back with a bang. Now that the trend is being adorned by almost everyone, the eternally youthful fabric perfectly pairs up with pretty much any dress but it seems to go better for slimmer women. Though tie n’ die dupattas in chiffon or georgette fabrics are still being worn but they don’t go with as much of a charm.

Selection of colors is a whole vast thing. Selecting between either the perfect second contrasts for the dress or picking the color from slightest color hints from the kurti. Red, Blue, and Multicolored patterned dupattas are always a savior for situations when you can’t just find the matched dupatta for the dress and you’ve to go with the alternatives.

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