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Fit is the Most Important Thing

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 2:58 PM

Fit is the Most Important Thing

Ever wondered how does Princess Merida look so gorgeous in her royal dress even with her orange culrs? You might think because of the camera techniques or maybe that you are not a big fan of the Brave movie so you didn’t notice her that much! Maybe you are more interested in a real character.

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What Makes You Think Shalwar Kameez with Dupatta Is Not For You?

The modern society today is chanting a lot about dupattas. How they are outdated, judged and not essential to carry anymore. Young ladies’ mindset is being prepared in such a way that they are totally convinced that this piece of clothing is just too obsolete and passé.

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Dress Smart to Beat the Heat

Friday, May 5, 2017 6:52 PM

Dress Smart to Beat the Heat

Summers these days is all up to break you down. What can be the best strategy to avoid summer problems and dress smartly?

Select Loose Clothes


Avoid wearing tight clothes and coverings. Cover up yourself enough so that you don’t face the direct sun but it shouldn’t be so close-fitted that disturbs your blood circulation. Most of us think summer is officially an announcement to wear sleeveless and shorts, but these are not the ideal clothing as it gives the increases in exposure to the ultraviolet sun rays. The ideal dress choices for summer are loose pants or long skirts with tops. A loose shalwar kameez is also a decent option.

Stick to Lawn and Cotton Fabric


Stay cool in cotton and lawn suits. These fabrics are best to beat the heat as they quickly wick the moisture away. Fabric like silk and wool trap heat and prevent it from flowing out. Be careful while you’re shopping for your summer collection. Try to get more lightweight, breathable fabrics that look stylish and are comfortable with the scorching sun.


Go for Lighter Tones


Dark colors absorb heat the most, and will soon burn you out. Whereas light colors reflect the heat away and keep you calm. Look for light shades blue, green, and red with a touch of gray, whites and tans. These colors belong in summers. If you wear black, presume to get ferociously hot because it’s the darkest color of all.


Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated


You might think that how does eating healthy and drinking lots of water can help you in dressing nicely? Well, if you live in Pakistan you know that summer is the official season for load shedding. And with all the sweaty mess and warm winds, chances are you might get exhausted indoor as well. What you eat and how you eat affects a lot of your daily behavior. If you would feel good and fresh, things would automatically work well for you. 

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Tone your inches for perfection

Thursday, April 27, 2017 5:24 PM

Tone your inches for perfection

Summer body is not only the need of summer, you need a perfect body shape all the time. Ladies we know that it is indeed a main task for you to keep yourself perfect, in shape. You do not really need to go for exhausting moves and raw diet and then nothing beneficial for just shaping. You are luck yes! The body shapewear are all available on online shopping store in Pakistan to help you.

What is Shapewear?

Shapewear is an under-garment’s sort that is created to shape, symmetrized and breezed your body. Shapewear generally reduces the flabby portions on your body, which you would like to have as being firmer and better toned beneath all kinds of clothing.  It works in the same way that corsets and girdles used to do for women in past times who needed to pull, push and squeeze their overweight bodies into smaller size garments than they were able to without any help!

The good things in these shapewear now, is:

` Doesn't constrict but actually promotes better circulation.

`They are comfortable to wear, allows free movement in different outfits.

`Give a natural feeling, they are designed in a toned perfectly to the body part shape.

`Can complement a diet and exercise program providing motivation and boosting confidence and give permanence to the body shape gradually with proper use.

 These are points which differentiate them from older corsets and girdles and access it to put on modern shapewear garments for long periods with all comfort and safety, enabling the wearer to look good with a slimmer figure and better stance.

How is Shapewear Used?

Body shaping wears are mainly used to tone and shape the body and to reduce the flabby, bulging thighs, butts, tummy and the pectoral region or double chin or very chubby cheek. They can also provide full body hold with lift for boobs and gently encouraging better posture. And these are the main areas where women have problems when they get over-weight or after the pregnancy or puberty or with age.

It also shield you to bulge out from your favorite outfit, which has been too narrow for you. Gently, it has been solved by contouring the body so that it shapes inside that you can get rid of extra fat or loosens that escape out from your outfit. Its main features are:

    It creates an "instant" slimmer looking figure

    It's super easy to wear and show visible results you can see with your own eyes

    It doesn't cost very much making it excellent value

    It's virtually invisible - you can't detect that it's being worn beneath clothes


All you need is just to wrap or wear, required shaper around the body part. Though it gives your body the desired shape where it is needed, does not really mean to try to get into extra small size, irrationally. It is mainly designed to tone your body in better posture and gave you a balanced appearance.


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3 Behaviors to Dress Pleasant Everyday

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 2:15 PM

3 Behaviors to Dress Pleasant Everyday

Dressing well is something all girls wish to, but most of the time we fail to carry that elegancy and style daily due to the laziness and sometimes all the other factors are against it. Sometimes it’s the little thing that matter the most and by considering the tiny details we can avoid those early mornings I don’t know what to wear moments and having a full wardrobe and still nothing to wear for a party.  


Look for Outfits that will Give a Boost to Your Personality

Search for the correct garments to make you look great. When you are looking for clothes ensure that you are aware of how the colors and slices will look on you. A shirt may be charming to the holder yet if it has a thick texture it might make your abdomen look wider than it is.


Buy the Right Size

Purchase the correct sizes. You may discover a couple of pants that are just under your budget, yet if they don't fit right, you'll never wear them. Try not to waste cash on purchasing something since it's modest. Just buy garments that are not very long, free, short, little or enormous for you. That implies dependably attempt on garments before you get it. . has a wide range of designer dresses collection available in every size and price range.

Hair and Makeup Dos are Important


Do your hair and make-up regular. The principal thing somebody sees about you is your face and hair. On the off chance that you deal with this stuff, and place exertion into preparing in the morning, the most easygoing outfit will look totally chic. At the end of the day, you need to deal with the what-compliments you-best hypothesis. So, avoid the neon pink eye shadows you found in some fashion magazine and change to a light purple that brings the shading out of your green eyes.

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