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Friday, May 12, 2017 1:56 PM


Kurtis are evergreen trend of the South Asian culture. Ladies we want Kurtis no matter what the season is, it is mandatory. What so good in this fashion is, it can be feasible for all the occasion types you can go for your casual dressing, hangouts, formal and professional dress up with kurti style shirt and it gives a charming, simple, beautiful and sophisticated look.

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Trends for your next shopping spree

Monday, February 20, 2017 12:04 PM

Trends for your next shopping spree

Varieties will keep on coming and leaving, marking their existence to be revived a number of seasons later. You’re all aware that the long dresses stayed for a much longer time and even when it was time for the trend to be diminished for the seasons to come, many weren’t quite much ready for the dilemma, for its graceful long dresses and loose charms.

But with the next trend being itself so delicate and decent, this aroused a hope to cope up with the arising trends. So here we are, listing down the very new yet instantly accepted attire concept that we all are already adoring.

Infinite love for Lawn suits

The long awaited time of the year is arriving where the breeze is started to hold back so you can walk out in your new Pakistani lawn suits. And what’s even better? Lots of enchanted florals and blossoms designs striving to be purchased. And the birds and cages to represent the blooms. But since majority of the clothing outlets aren’t overflowing with lawn suits yet, you could go for what they’re currently overloading with, the patterned kurtis!

Quality Patterns Kurtis

Lawn dresses are love. But, one can’t just depend on lawn suits the entire season. So adding to the wardrobe choices, are latest design in kurtis that amaze us after floral prints are retro and geometric prints. And colors just as breathtaking. You’ll see Ajrak prints in entirely news colors, the historical theme prints, the minute prints on quality fabrics and so much more! This time it’s not just a few selective colors for the season. It’s a whole war going out among the colors in the market. Just be watchful of the stitching since some designs don’t look as perfect as they would on the others. Some avoid the collars, some avoid the back neckline, and meanwhile some aren’t comfortable with loose sleeves. Make up your mind regarding what you wish to avoid and then getting forbidding yourself of going for dresses that might actually have imaginative flaws in them.

Literally the Shalwars

I remember a few girls teasing the first one in their squad for switching to shalwar from tights. It’s about time the same girls are seen in kurtis paired up with shalwars. Well the variety just doesn’t end here, from daily wear to formal or informal parties, the tulip pants and the embroidered or lace cotton trousers pretty much saved the ones who still weren’t into cotton shalwars. Whereas you can still go with tights as they still seem to be in the race. The thing about tights is that they’re always there to the rescue when you actually don’t feel like ironing any trousers or are in a hurry so yeah they still deserve a thumbs up. Yet so many simple straight trousers out there are being repeatedly stocked in the market in different other stitching that just make us add them to our Must Have shopping list!


If you happen to carry shawls and dupattas you are again surrounded with variety. Just look around for the right material that you won’t easily suffocate with. Another trick the women usually go by, is thinking out clearly if they have a dupatta back at home that could go perfect with the other kurti too! Since the design of clothes will keep on changing but the dupattas and shawls usually long for much greater span of time.

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