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Friday, May 12, 2017 1:30 PM


Design and print is a key requirement of any fabric you want to use. The trends of prints have been changed from the centuries and decades and indeed is vast field to create and do. Some designs have become the tradition while many designs were just the fashion and belonged to an era. Actually these designs is display of vogue approach and sense of the people in that time. It would not be wrong if we say “Print represents the time.”

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Cultural Taste in our Fashion

Friday, March 31, 2017 4:01 PM

Cultural Taste in our Fashion

Indo-Pak culture has its own taste in clothing. Our dresses have a traditional touch of our culture and history in them. Before partition, when Muslims and Hindus used to live together we shared a lot of things in common. It was a common practice for our senior and matured women to wear Gararas and sarees in the house. Since we have now our own homeland, at first we bring a lot of shared culture stuff from them, but soon we developed our own taste and perception in fashion. Pakistani fashion industry is now a well-known, developed and one of the recognized fashion industries around the world. We find the outlets of our Pakistani designers not only around Asia but also in Europe and other parts of the globe. People are getting more and more familiar with the Pakistani brand names, Pakistani designers and the latest trends to follow.

Shalwar Kameez a part of our Culture

Shalwar kameez is always been a part of our culture. It has a traditional as well as the modern look. The recent development in the look of shalwar kameez has given it a more stylish, elegant and sophisticated look. It is suitable for almost every function and event. Depending upon the stitching style, it is always the comfortable and reliable option for casual or even wedding functions. At first, women used to buy the unstitched fabric and get them stitched by their mastermind tailors. Quickly the trend changed as soon as the designer launched their collections in all sizes and styles. Even if you are not comfortable with the stitched shirts, there is the best option for you known as semi-stitched fabric. The fabric comes with the desired style and embroidery all you have to do is to get fitted as much as you like. 

Embroidery derives in Lawn collection

At first, embroidery was only limited to wedding seasons and fancy fabrics like chiffon or velvet but as soon as the lawn fever entered the country, we can now see the embroidered women lawn suits everywhere. Pakistani women love embroidery and block prints maybe that’s the reason it was acknowledged and valued swiftly. Lawn is now considered as a well-known and proud outfit to hang out with.  Each embroidered lawn suit has its own unique style. Embroidered lawn suits are getting more famous and trending. These dresses are now available even with chiffon dupattas and stunning motifs and borders to get a more presentable and eye-catching effect.

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Add Some Colors to Your Wardrobe

Thursday, March 30, 2017 2:06 PM

Add Some Colors to Your Wardrobe

Researchers have been done in this regard and scientist have come to the conclusion that colors have a great impact on our everyday life. There are some colors that can stimulate our feelings as well as mood. Some colors are cooler while some are considered as warmer. Just as some places make us feel happier and productive while other make us feel negative and warmer, colors also have a direct influence on our health and emotions. There is an entire study of colors affecting our feelings and mood known as color psychology. The colors you wear somehow speak on behalf of your personality. The people who wear lighter colors feel more relaxed than people who prefer darker colors.

Myths Related to Some Colors

There are certain limitations with what colors who should wear in every society. Starting with white color, we are a little more conservative with this color, even today it is considered as a symbol of grief or funeral in our society. White is the color of peace, calmness, and softness, in western society brides wear white color on their big day. Red is the color which symbolizes love or sometimes anger.  It is believed by some researchers that yellow color helps in inspiring conversation and stimulating the mental and nervous system.

Make Your Wardrobe Lively

Colors speak on behalf of you so be more conscious while selecting colors. Since it’s summertime in Pakistan, and you can wear more playful colors. Summer is the perfect time to go for fresh colors. Don’t just go for the basic colors, add a full-color range combinations. Either you wear lawn suits or chiffon dresses, it’s your time to add color in your life to your wardrobe. Pakistani designers are now producing more innovative designs and experimenting with color combos. Shop online for clothes in many varieties and in various price ranges, from to add colors to your wardrobe.

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Latest trends for unstitched fabrics

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 7:24 PM

It is true to the words that clothes can never be enough when it comes to women’s shopping, but usual routines ask for basic wear clothing than the fancy fabrics. Be it a working woman or a university person, she is bound to have a huge collection of basic wears in vibrant tints or shades to go with fabrics that be just right ones to beat the heat. Colors of reef, neon, and enchanting pastels all are captivating enough to support the new arrival florals. Very rarely would women need their closets to be loaded more with formals and party wears than having causals. Why not bring in the prevailing trends to adopt shape in our everyday casual kurtis and kurtas rather than wasting money, efforts and style planning on those fabrics which you won’t be wearing very often.

The cape

Plain kurtis though have thousands of diverse patterns and textured fabrics in lawns and cottons, there comes a time when your wardrobe starts asking for something other than just basic stitched shirts. Having a lawn or cotton fabric jacket to go over a plain is one unique recommendation to go for.

Overlapping necklines

Round necklines are an easy pick and one of the widely used necklines to be found at any ladies designer clothes shops. Let the many other over-lapping necklines be the focal attention of your outfit. Imagine how a split halter would look nice over a broad boat neckline. Surf online outlets for even more overlapping neckline suggestions with catalogue pictures.


Desi vintage trends are a thing of now and then when it comes to fancy dresses but this season, the basic wears too, seem to have welcomed the andhrakkha bodice tops with peplum hemline. Dark color fabrics will look greater than any lighter color.

Braided belt

Printed and embroidered pockets going with lawn and cotton kurtis seem to be a part of a few designer Pakistani clothes. The funky trend doesn’t seem to be reaching every girl’s wardrobe but there are even more trends in the line to be among the unique ones. Highlight the waist with a braided belt of a matching color. This style surely is another funky attempt to diversify collections of casual wear lawn dresses.

Go through and have a variety of unstitched lawn dresses with embroidery that would go great with appearances as well as routines.

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Stay Home and Shop Online

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 6:37 PM

Stay Home and Shop Online

March is ending and April is ready to take-off soon. This season of the year is also considered to be the second wedding season in Pakistan as well as the time when the Pakistani designers are all set to introduce their lawn collections. So, ladies entire shopping festival is coming our way. Most of us have already witnessed the lawn advertisement campaigns going viral. Some are eagerly waiting for their favorite designers to inaugurate the respective collection so that they would go and purchase the first slice while another wait for the sales. No matter which type you are, shopping is something we all love and spending on clothes is not just to keep up with fashion but it is also a necessity.

Ladies Love Shopping No Matter What

Every single woman out there wants to dress up according to the latest fashion and trends. Females are usually more sensitive to their look, plus they have a great variety of dresses for all kind of social functions. Unlike boys, who can survive in single jeans and a pair of shirts for a year, girls always need a new dress for any upcoming event. Options are mostly limited to boys to probably some shades of white, black or brown on a proper suit. Females have a lot more selections in tops as well as in bottoms depending on the formality of the occasion. The fashion in women fabric changes seasonally or annually sometimes it’s the short shirt, sometimes long, sometimes it is the shalwar and sometimes it is with the trouser. So you have to be selective and choosy and need to look around for the latest fashion and design in order to find the best dress for girls.

Treat yourself Extra Queenly

So, now your cousin’s or sister’s date has been fixed and all the young party is planning what they would be attiring in all the different functions and the idea of going bazaars and looking for your desired fabric spending hours and hours and returning back in vain or maybe, you’re busy with your workload and all your friends are already having their designer lawn and you don’t find the strength and time to drive all the way to the outlet, then online shopping of clothes is the right option for you. You’re not the sluggish one as the world say, you’re just too sweet to find a parking slot. Buy your desired Pakistani party dresses, women's designer shirts, Pakistani shalwar kameez lawn or chiffon net suits in best offers from

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