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Among the lawn fabrics

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 5:35 PM

Among the lawn fabrics

A nice lawn suit holds the tendency to excite every desi women. What stands more exciting in this regard is that lawn fabrics don’t go out style, just keep transforming from time to time. With enchanting motifs and borders being the fashion inspiration among the new clothes designs. This summer, lawn suit have come up with a variety of trends to choose from. Speaking of lawn dresses, the digital print kurtis are having the massive hold on to young girls’ hearts and wardrobes.

Short length kurtis

With revealing shoulders spreading fashionably, the short length kurtis are raging over to women’s designer clothing stores. Fresh vibrant colors, printed fabrics, and casual embroideries to fall for. With embroideries being open cage oriented, birds and doves finely knitted into graceful fabrics with equal preference to florals and leaves, other latest designs for kurtis having symmetrical, geometrics and temples prints, plus the applique work absolutely signifying the beauty of the traditional summer dresses and styles. With broad boat necklines to have you embrace any collar bones, adding more finishes to the dress for a luxury touch to even the basic wears.

Pair up the short fun kurtis for girls with tights, slim fit denims, trousers or anything sophisticated that seems to be going well on you and the kurta you go for.

Paneled shirts

Paneled shirts with delicate pattern fabrics seem to be doing well with adding diversity of prints onto just one fabrics. Absolutely what the ladies expected from the season of warmth, to grant justice with its fun trends for us to survive the summer heat.

Worked sleeves

Detailed sleeves are another fun feature about the summer 2017. Whether delicate threadwork embroidery, digitally printed sleeves, or the organza details, all are scattering graces here and there. is glad to showcase its new arrivals from the summer’s wear ranging from ladies lawn dresses to lawn cotton wears, with the formal wears in fancy chiffons and embroidered collections to glow with. Pair up your outfits with casual bags for an everyday getup or even an elegant look.


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What trends must be diminished this season

Friday, March 10, 2017 2:54 PM

What trends must be diminished this season

Since all fashion enthusiasts are releasing their list of approved or disapproved trends for the spring, we’re all set to suggest ours. With a wide variety of bold or even controversial trends among the Pakistani dress designs we choose to not go against off the shoulders or the tulips shalwars.

We agree that fashion has its own cost and a fashion conscious might end up giving up on comfort at some point be it during the cold or under the scorching sun. But when it starts questioning regarding what actually suits on each of us, other than our fashion reputation, additional measures need to be considered. For instance giving up on a few stitching styles that are not in our favor.

Umbrella sleeves

Umbrella sleeves sure are elegant but the grace isn’t reasonable when you’re surrounded with tasks that might hurt your spent expenses on the new trendy design. What possible disasters could those be, you’d most probably be aware of those. Accidently dipping the edges in sauce, or getting the A-line cuffs ripped in a hurry and many other possible fashion tragedies.

Detailed back neckline

It’s good to have tons of creative ideas running through the mind but implementing them all on just one dress won’t do justice to your style concepts. We like the detailed necklines as much as we like them being left plain with slight finishes. All the enchanting neckline designs would be fine as long as they’re limited to the front neckline only. Overemphasizing on the back neckline? A big no. We suggest you boycott detailing the back neckline and save the ideas for another dress.

Tights on fat girls

Tights sure are at benefit for having resemblance with the urban skinny jeans and of low maintenance that usually includes no obligation to iron them and suiting on different designs of kurtis. But everything comes with a flaw in disguise and in case of tights, the flaw reveals its identity on fat legs. Any non-pleasant trend should die and those that don’t go well on certain figures, skin tones and personalities. The reason of bulging legs is sound enough for the chubby ladies to replace their tights with straight trousers.

Too much frills

Frills are fun as long as applied at a sophisticated extent and worn by slimmer body shapes. Since large size dresses are not the ideal size chart for frills, adding more visualized fat than narrowing it.

The color match and contrasts too play a big part which is absolutely undeniable. Well, different concepts come by and fade. Some take longer some just get diminished soon enough. In our idea, the prevailing color trend of contrast per each fabric of the outfit among the trending casual wears isn’t our favorite. How about we all stick to what actually looks good to the eyes rather than falling for the bold designer’s approved trends only.

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Know about the flawless embroidered dress hunt

Monday, February 27, 2017 6:59 PM

Know about the flawless embroidered dress hunt

The time is here when the fully textured and patterned dresses are filling up every girls’ wardrobe. From traditional printed picks to geometric prints, addition of rose illustrations with to textured pigeons and cages printed on quality fabrics. These vibrant theme kurtis sure are fun and modern, yet there are women who desire a rather sober touch with elegance. How can a kurti attain that elegance yet maintain tradition? That is when delicate embroidery comes to the rescue.


If you frequently go to embroidery workshops you’ll presumably know a lot about the variety of embroidery one can go for. From Kamdani to Dabka and salma sitaray to cutdana work, the list keeps on growing wider and better. However the tricky part is deciding what designs go well with what sort of occasions? Weather too could be a factor to be considered but that’s not the case in Karachi as the weather stays warm even throughout the winter months.

 Here are a few suggestions you can go with when getting a dress embroidered or for a sensible pick among ready to wear embroidered dresses.

Wedding fever

The embellished selection that are basically sophisticated and dedicated for wedding wear or occasions where too much of a fancy couture needs to go heavy. The dress is supposed to be given in for the process approximately a month prior so keep an eye on the calendar.

Kamdani, which is basically the golden zari work for wedding attires like the banarasi you see. Then there is Kundan and Dabka; embroideries you can go for as well as Gota which still isn’t outdated in fact viral among mehendi dresses. Dabka is usually for the bridal apparel. Bead work or Salma sitaray are another safe option for these occasions.


Party wear

However for a party wear or a school farewell, there are already so many ready to stitch embroidered cloth pieces that are affordable. brings you a solution so you can ease out on your nerves and instead of going for unnecessary visits to get the fabrics embroidered. Cutdana, sequence work, silk or hand embroidery are actually some of the ideal embroideries for party wears or a casual attire. Number one tip, for a rich thread quality go for a sober look which usually adds up by thick use of thread. In our idea, embroidered dresses are love and a magic for any dress as long as quality and design has not been taken for granted.

Traditional ones

Can’t say they’re outdated as tradition is what binds us. Which mostly entitles minute mirror work, the Koreshiya embroidery, the Sindhi karahi and commonly used Chikon karahi among elder women are abundant in the market where the demand is exponential.


Does the embroidery look good? Color is a main factor when it comes to clothes and so is the design. You may have adored some design you saw at a designer’s page but the fabric you bought doesn’t go with the background color, it’s possible that no matter how appealing the embroidery may seem it won’t hit it off with what you have. Tip number two, have a stronger imagination of how it might look afterwards in order to relinquish the problems of mixing and matching the embroidery with the cloth.

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