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What Makes You Think Shalwar Kameez with Dupatta Is Not For You?

The modern society today is chanting a lot about dupattas. How they are outdated, judged and not essential to carry anymore. Young ladies’ mindset is being prepared in such a way that they are totally convinced that this piece of clothing is just too obsolete and passé.

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Latest trends for unstitched fabrics

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 7:24 PM

It is true to the words that clothes can never be enough when it comes to women’s shopping, but usual routines ask for basic wear clothing than the fancy fabrics. Be it a working woman or a university person, she is bound to have a huge collection of basic wears in vibrant tints or shades to go with fabrics that be just right ones to beat the heat. Colors of reef, neon, and enchanting pastels all are captivating enough to support the new arrival florals. Very rarely would women need their closets to be loaded more with formals and party wears than having causals. Why not bring in the prevailing trends to adopt shape in our everyday casual kurtis and kurtas rather than wasting money, efforts and style planning on those fabrics which you won’t be wearing very often.

The cape

Plain kurtis though have thousands of diverse patterns and textured fabrics in lawns and cottons, there comes a time when your wardrobe starts asking for something other than just basic stitched shirts. Having a lawn or cotton fabric jacket to go over a plain is one unique recommendation to go for.

Overlapping necklines

Round necklines are an easy pick and one of the widely used necklines to be found at any ladies designer clothes shops. Let the many other over-lapping necklines be the focal attention of your outfit. Imagine how a split halter would look nice over a broad boat neckline. Surf online outlets for even more overlapping neckline suggestions with catalogue pictures.


Desi vintage trends are a thing of now and then when it comes to fancy dresses but this season, the basic wears too, seem to have welcomed the andhrakkha bodice tops with peplum hemline. Dark color fabrics will look greater than any lighter color.

Braided belt

Printed and embroidered pockets going with lawn and cotton kurtis seem to be a part of a few designer Pakistani clothes. The funky trend doesn’t seem to be reaching every girl’s wardrobe but there are even more trends in the line to be among the unique ones. Highlight the waist with a braided belt of a matching color. This style surely is another funky attempt to diversify collections of casual wear lawn dresses.

Go through and have a variety of unstitched lawn dresses with embroidery that would go great with appearances as well as routines.

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Women Floral Lawn Collection: Dress to Impress

Friday, March 24, 2017 5:02 PM

Women Floral Lawn Collection: Dress to Impress

The new floral lawn collection is a must have this season to feel fresh in summer.

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Women Kurtis: Latest Fashion Trend This Season

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 7:18 PM

Women Kurtis: Latest Fashion Trend This Season

Admit it, young ladies, kurti is always our to-go choice in every one of those ‘what should I wear’ minutes. Whether it is your regular day to the office, an evening party, hang out with friends, dinner with family, or a more formal meeting it's sufficiently adaptable for both, the dressed-up and dressed-down look, and marks high on comfort. Thanks to our Pakistani designers for introducing Kurtis in more embroidered fashion so now they are a norm to wear even to a wedding.

Perfect for All Avatar

Kurti is not only an option for young girls, most of the designer kurtis are particularly intended for women too. Typically, this is the ultimate choice for anyone who loves both comfort and style. Pakistani designers are functioning even more than ever to bring the charm and style in our lives through dresses as today every woman wants to include both style and excellence in their looks. Anyone now can rise and upgrade her look with designer kurtis by following any dominant brand of Pakistani dresses. These delightful shirts coordinating tights, pants, jeans and so on are additionally accessible on various online outlets too. These kurtis are decorated with brilliant and eye-getting colors which will make you feel more fresh and stylish.

Ideal for All Functions and Occasions


Most of us spend a lot of time in picking our outfits. With the progression of time, the outlines of dresses are changed. Consistently you discover loads of variety in occasional wears. As the dresses of winter are thoroughly transforming from that of summer. Women Designer Kurtis are the famous formal dress for functions, formalities, and parties in every season. The kurtis or short shirts are stitched dazzlingly and are available in all sizes. It has become a trend to wear stylish pants with short shirts. With these dresses, each lady can make her personality attractive than before, as we know that ladies are extremely cognizant about their look and style.

Allow these latest kurtis designs for 2017 to rock your wardrobe!

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Trending Trouser Styles This Year for Your Summer Wardrobe

As the sun grows brighter and sand gets hotter you know that summer is here and it’s time for your summer wardrobe to get updated. Living in this era, it has become essential for women from all aspects of life to stay updated with all latest fashion trends and designs. It is the wish of every girl to be the first one to adopt the latest trend. Shalwar has always been a vital part of our Pakistani culture. The current evolution in the fashion industry has made many changes in the traditional style. They have now become more glamourize and classy with time. The trend of wearing long shirts with shalwars is past already.

At present, we are witnessing these latest and on-going trends of new trouser styles in the summer fabrics like lawn, cotton, chiffon, silk etc. These shalwars have a classy looking shape. Now in 2017, designers are creating and re-transforming the look of shalwar in Pakistan. In current styling days, apart from simple looking shalwars, we have the arrival of cigarette pants and tulip pants, loose fit pants, palazzos, tights, embroidered/printed pants and a lot of variety.

Palazzo Pants: The Perfect Summer Choice

Palazzo pants can be described as long straight trousers which are tight from the opening and loose from the bottom and they are wide too. They are a little bit exceptional from all other pants like bell bottoms, Gaucho Trousers, and Parallels. They are part of top dressing trend in Pakistan. Mostly girls like to wear them and they have achieved a notable design and style. You can wear them with long or short shirts, tops, t-shirts whatever you like.

Patiala & Churidar Shalwars are History

There was a time when woman and even girls in Pakistan loved to wear churidars whether in casual or formal with long and short shirts. In the past, women were quite eager to wear the short-shirts with the Patiala shalwar but now they have been replaced with trousers and pants. The style of wearing simple shalwar was vanquished earlier from the fashion industry. Pakistani fashion designers have now introduced various styles of simple and embroidered pants for young girls. There are many options for those who love to wear traditional and customary styles, rather than putting on jeans, with a modern touch.

Tulip Pants: The New Avatar

This year 2017, the latest innovation done with the pants is “tulip pants”, which has now become the most favorite and preferable style of shalwar. We can see women all around us wearing tulip pants. Girls and woman of every age attire them and it suits them well. This gives them a stylish and elegant look. Whether you are short or tall this tulip pants trend in women is a perfect choice for both casual and semi-formal events. These pants are available in many forms of fabric, styles, patterns, designs and in bright and eye-catching colors. Many brands are also launching their collections in them.

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