Perfect! You must have heard and used this expression a lot in your daily conversations. What a perfect day! This women handbag goes perfectly with this waay clothing chiffon collection. I don’t think this one is the perfect match! And much more. We all are so obsessed with this term “perfect” and the whatsoever abstract concept of it that mostly we neglect the little things and happiness behind just to achieve the perfection.


This World is DEFINITELY NOT Perfect


The truth is things are never going to be perfect in this world. Not for anyone. Sometimes you are so convinced by observing someone’s life or maybe just by the picture they posted in any of the social media that this is what perfection is! Their life is complete and perfect and yours not. You can live a terrible and miserable life comparing yourself with others not being grateful for what you have!

Mostly reality is not what we see. You may have sanctifications in your life which others are wishing for their whole life. Instead of enjoying them or being happy and gratifying of them, you are busy in complaining what you don’t have.

We Love to Complex Things


Other especial thanks to our society for setting the unreal and dramatic standards of perfect life. Don’t own the new and costly model of the car or phone you are still a way to go. Don’t have the standard yards house in a posh area or not wearing the new designer collection or summer collection 2017, you are not wealthy enough. Graduated two months ago and still unemployed?? Or the job which society thinks is perfect for you, you are not able yet to get it. Didn’t had a wedding better than what your cousin you have no right to live on this planet. We are people who love to make simple things complicated! And we love to do that with all our heart and energies.

Make things more and more complex and intricate and then make people think that they actually have to achieve and live by them. This illusionary idea of perfection is tearing apart our basic values, relationships, happiness, character, and way of living.


All You Can Focus on Is Improvement


The only thing which is attainable in life is an improvement. We can improve ourselves and our standards of living with the passage of time but we can never have something even close to perfect. This world is not created for perfect and ideal possessions. We have to find the little areas where we can improve ourselves not to the standards of society but what to which is close to nature.Stop thinking for celebrities, brands, leaders, class status as a sign of someone’s perfection. It will just make you follow the chase. 

Face the reality that you don’t have to compete with others, your only competition is with your own self. How you can be more humble, happy, stronger, peaceful and less churlish than you were the day before. Be grateful for what you have and find the peace and happiness within you.