Hair Styles

To look beautiful everyone is trying different techniques of hair styling. Hair style plays an important role in your over all look. Many of us cannot decide which hair style we should make on which event. And most important which hair style is suitable for our face shape.  Sometimes we are in a hurry for some a gathering and we cannot go to parlor for our hairstyle. There are numbers of hair styles which can easily made at home. They do not take much time. But we should always keep this is in mind what should be appropriate hair style before going to an office meeting, party, religious gathering or a musical night. According to the latest researches women hairs looks the best at the age of 29. Researches also shows that girls spend more money and have concern for their hairs at the age of 20 or late twenties.

Few Easy Hair Styles that can be made at home



Updo Hair Style:

 It is one of the most popular hair styles among women. All we need in making an updo is hair dryer, clips, pins and hair spray.

Firstly make a pony tail, and then put the pony tail in forward direction. Then open up the hairs from the center and comb them so they remain straight. Put clips on bun and make pony tail in down ward direction. Set the hairs from pins.


Braid Hair Style:

They are I feel the easiest and oldest form of hair styling. As our grandmothers always emphasize our mother to make our single or double braid while going to school as it will make the hairs longer and thicker. We can make simple braid by putting our right shoulder and leave the braid on it.  This hair style will look good on a semi-formal gathering.


High Ponytail Hair Style:

It is very easy and liked by young girls, all you need to do is comb your hairs properly and tie them with pony. Brush the rest of hairs. This hair style is suitable for evening function. High pony can be made in 10 seconds.




Twist and Pin Hair Style:

I have seen twist and pin getting popular from last year. This type of hair style almost suits everyone and looks good on all face shapes. All you need to do is part your hair in to two segments. Take little hair twist them till the end and pin them up. Repeat the procedure with other segment of hairs and leave the rest of the hairs open. You can use hair spray on the twisted hairs so they last longer.


Curls Hair Style:

Curls look good mostly on occasions like Barat or Walima. Curling rods are available in the market. All you need to do is brush your hair, take few hair use the gel from the end, heat up curling rod, roll your hairs on the rod, check after 3-4 minutes, the hairs will get curly, repeat the whole procedure with all the hairs. At the end use sprays so your hair doesn’t get frizzy.


Back combing Hair Style:

It is the most popular hair style among the ladies. These days back combing bun is available in the market. All you need to do is put it in the center of your hairs. Roll your hairs around that bun. Fix that bun using hair pins. Use hair spray at the end.

I have just mentioned few easy hairstyles that take less time. But we should also take good care of our hairs as if our hairs will be good only than we can apply on hundreds of different hairstyles. The factors that affect our hairs negatively include stress and hormones. Mostly pregnancy plays a positive effect on our hairs.