Ever wondered how does Princess Merida look so gorgeous in her royal dress even with her orange culrs? You might think because of the camera techniques or maybe that you are not a big fan of the Brave movie so you didn’t notice her that much! Maybe you are more interested in a real character. Let’s take a real-life scene of someone who just rocked in chiffon dupatta suit or simple lawn suit and made you wonder how? Ever faced a situation where you have the same dress and it didn’t look good on you as much as it looked when your friend or cousin attired it. Well, apart from the color or design, the reason is simple, because it was her perfect size.

It all comes down to fit.

No matter how much effort you put in focusing on fashion via blogs, websites or magazines, selecting the perfect style, pattern or color, if your outfit is not well-tailored all your efforts can go in vain. Prioritize your fit. If you prefer readymade clothes, apart from a few specialized brands, all clothing are designed to fit specific body shapes or sometimes they are all free-sized. Don’t ignore the fact that it is not your size but since it is your favorite brand and is on sale so it is mandatory for you to purchase the digital print kurti. If your clothes fit you perfectly, not very loose neither too tight, you can look great in any style you want. And if it is not your size, no matter what top class designer outfit it is, it will always dump you.


Upgrade Wardrobe Doesn’t Always Mean Buying New Clothes


When we are told to upgrade our wardrobes, all that comes to our mind is a trip to market or online shopping in Pakistan cheap rates. Sometimes you wardrobe doesn’t need new clothes instead it just requires a better fitting. The fit is the difference between a cute designer dress and a muumuu, a prefect jeans and “mom” jeans, a loose kurti and a sleeping suit. Be careful as your clothing says a lot about your personality.