Summers these days is all up to break you down. What can be the best strategy to avoid summer problems and dress smartly?

Select Loose Clothes


Avoid wearing tight clothes and coverings. Cover up yourself enough so that you don’t face the direct sun but it shouldn’t be so close-fitted that disturbs your blood circulation. Most of us think summer is officially an announcement to wear sleeveless and shorts, but these are not the ideal clothing as it gives the increases in exposure to the ultraviolet sun rays. The ideal dress choices for summer are loose pants or long skirts with tops. A loose shalwar kameez is also a decent option.

Stick to Lawn and Cotton Fabric


Stay cool in cotton and lawn suits. These fabrics are best to beat the heat as they quickly wick the moisture away. Fabric like silk and wool trap heat and prevent it from flowing out. Be careful while you’re shopping for your summer collection. Try to get more lightweight, breathable fabrics that look stylish and are comfortable with the scorching sun.


Go for Lighter Tones


Dark colors absorb heat the most, and will soon burn you out. Whereas light colors reflect the heat away and keep you calm. Look for light shades blue, green, and red with a touch of gray, whites and tans. These colors belong in summers. If you wear black, presume to get ferociously hot because it’s the darkest color of all.


Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated


You might think that how does eating healthy and drinking lots of water can help you in dressing nicely? Well, if you live in Pakistan you know that summer is the official season for load shedding. And with all the sweaty mess and warm winds, chances are you might get exhausted indoor as well. What you eat and how you eat affects a lot of your daily behavior. If you would feel good and fresh, things would automatically work well for you.