Design and print is a key requirement of any fabric you want to use. The trends of prints have been changed from the centuries and decades and indeed is vast field to create and do. Some designs have become the tradition while many designs were just the fashion and belonged to an era. Actually these designs is display of vogue approach and sense of the people in that time. It would not be wrong if we say “Print represents the time.


What we are seeing now is, digital print is ruling the world, like on shirts, kurtis, handbags even on hair-bands and broad bracelets, we find these prints. So here are two main prints, that are for this time period and you cannot deny its impression:


Vintage prints:

Classical prints or not so classical but representation of something that is mature, on point and no flaw to be classical are the vintage prints which are actually so in now-a-days. Using vintage design techniques conveys a very unique feel. Designers have embraced the classical vintage into modern ways more designers. Vintage design has three pretty distinct design characteristics: color, effects and typography. (Mixing and matching is an option, too.). While creating some of the styles can be a little tedious and time-consuming, the end result is a style that has a distinct look and feel.


Scandinavian Prints:

Scandinavian art refers to a subset of Nordic art and is art specific for the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway. But this time it has been spread all over the world, this illustration of Danish society gives a beautiful and peace loving impression and you automatically fall to put it on. We find simplicity, calmness and beauty with no extra detailing and complications in these prints. What so important here is colors, usually a light colored base with brighter colors design symbolizes this art.