We all want to style ourselves and we all do, but what we actually want a perfect dressing that has no flaw at all. Ladies you are perfect and you deserve to look perfect. Actually dressing sense describes the vogue, attitude and personality of doer and no matter where you are, either casual or formal you need to look flawless. You are mature and must know that you do not need to be filled from top to bottom. All your demand is to style your-self in appealing and charming way that your first glance, leave a strong impression over others.

 Just keep in mind that you have perfect skin color and body shape all you need to do is picking to enhance your natural beauty you actually do not have to let something totally out influence you. Here are some tips to look perfect while dressing.



No doubt, “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” but you cannot destroy it by choosing wrong and inappropriate fitting clothes. Certain dresses work well for certain figures. Knowing your body type will help you pick out the accurate one that fits and makes you look attractive and you’ll be confident in wearing the dress. Dress according to your body shape like apple, banana, pear or hourglass shaped body and if you’re unsure about what body type you have, you can find a lot of references online. There are also a lot of tips on what areas of your body to highlight so make sure whatever you pick to wear must be suited to your body shape and size body type.


For the color at first, tone it with your skin complexion, a little mismatch and your whole appearance is destroyed. Black is a typical color that most women go to because it is safe and works well for formal affairs. However, don’t be afraid to wear other colors as long as it follows the skin tone rule. The color and style that you choose should be one that gives you a captivating and graceful look. Going for trending styles is fine but make sure that it suits the occasion. Choose the style of the dress that meets with the event.


 Although it’s exciting to dress up, the dress should be suitable for the occasion as well as the timings like a day-out or evening party, and age is your part so accept it. Don’t made yourself neither overdressed nor underdressed. Yeah uniqueness is all we want but it doesn’t mean to look alien. Dress properly, according to the event, time and your age. Like Kurtisand Apparels for casual events, while embroidered heavy, fancy or expensive for dressy events.