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Lawn Enthusiasm in Pakistan

I personally feel that Pakistan as a country has both extremes with respect to its temperature. Either it’s too hot or it’s too cold in most of the cities. I remember when I was a kid when use to remember that there are four seasons; summer, winter, spring and autumn. There used to be a dry winter from October to February, spring from March till may, summers from June to September. But now there is a distracting change in the climate of the country it’s like summers from March till November. The weather is pleasant in December and February. And winter is left for one month that is January.

What fabric is suitable for summer?

It is the time when the sun shines and throws heat, so what should be the material one should choose to wear in summers that is suitable and appropriate for the climate, as the clothes should be comfortable and suitable for the weather too. Lawn fabric is the best clothing material for summers.


Lawn fabric origin and qualities

It was invented in late 19th century, people use to make gown of it. Lawn fabric is basically light weighted, comfy and soft. Lawn can be wear in all-weather but mostly suitable in summers.


Types of lawn fabric

There are two types of lawn fabric; one is cotton and the other is Tana.

The obsession of lawn in Pakistan

As the winters going to end we will see the big bill-board covering with lawn advertisements on them. Big designers are in the preparation of their lawn to be approaches in the market first. The women are eager to know that what is new this time and which of the designer is going to win the battle of lawn this year. Every year the demand of lawn is more and the competition among the ladies to wear the best lawn is on the peak.

The females of every age is enthusiastic to buy best, stylish, top, cool pretty lawn dress either she is teenager, working women or a house wife.

It has been told that there are estimated 60 brands of lawn in Pakistan. And every lawn brand is producing a lot every year.

If we ask the ladies, why they love lawn so much the answer is even more honest, lawn has bright, vibrant and eye catching colors and it is very comfortable too.


Lawn has too many varieties now

Now a days a lawn suit doesn’t only means a 3piece printed suit but now it is available in different varieties The different brands of lawn not only focuses on its style and print but also its quality. When you enter into a shop to purchase a lawn suit the shopkeeper ask few details regarding your interest either you want a

  • 3 piece lawn suit unstitched

  • 2 piece lawn suit with chiffon dupatta

  • Embroidery shirt with lawn dupatta

  • Lawn suit with silk dupatta

  • 2 piece suit (no dupatta)

  • Shirt dupatta (no trouser)

3 Piece Lawn Suit

It has now become a bit old fashioned but still house wife and middle aged ladies prefer wearing three piece lawn suit. One of the reasons of being the favorite is that its dupatta sticks on the head.It’s your choice to make along shirt with trouser or a short shit with a trouser. But these days’ short shirts are more in fashion. Mostly the colors like off white, pink, ferozi and blue are very much favorites of middle age ladies.


2 piece Lawn Suit Chiffon Dupatta.

This is the something new in the market but very much preferred of ladies late 20’s and above as chiffon dupatta are easy to carry and they are also light in weight. The print on chiffon looks more vibrant and lively as compare to lawn dupatta.


Embroidered shirt with lawn dupatta

Few brands have introduced their embroidery collection in the market for formal ocassion or especially for Eid. The separate embroidery patches are given to be pasted on front and back of the shirt. Even in some lawn dresses the panels are also given to enhance the look of your lawn dress. Women of all ages can wear this category of lawn dresses.


Silk with lawn

Silk is very much in fashion in 2017. Many designers has used silk in their unstitched a and stitched summer collection. Either they have added a silk dupatta or a silk sleeves or silk cloth given to use as in the front of the shirt.

Silk gives a shiny look and the colors on silk gives such a bright look. It also gives a cool expression in summers. Lawn dress along with silk touches gives a stylish and trendy look to the women of Pakistan.


Two piece lawn suit

It has simple lawn printed shirt with plain shalwar or trouser along with it. It is open choice for ladies to make it stitch according to the latest style and trends of 2017.

The brand makes this collection for teenage girls who don’t have to carry a dupatta. So very small prints are use on these lawn shirts in order keep in mind the age of teenagers plus the colors used in the shirts are very bright and sharp.

We can safely say that these brands have shown their collection for all the women of Pakistan. Even for stitching they give a sample idea with every dress so that it will be easy for our tailors to know the best knowledge for the desirable dress.


Ready to wear lawn dresses

All these brands have their ready to wear collection also available in the market. For the people who have lesser time for a party or some function. They can buy a lawn ready to wear it is just the same but you can save yourself from tailoring hassle and the tailors that make so delay that all the excitement is ruin by that time.

So it’s now the open choice of a female to select the best lawn suit for the 2017 wardrobe. This race to have the best is never ending. Being women you cannot ever say that I have enough lawn suits for this season and I don’t need more J I will simply say Go Grab The best!



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Do You Know History OF Makeup ? How To Apply & Remove Makeup ? 

The term make up refers to something that is going to enhance one’s beauty or we say it can modify one’s appearance. Makeup includes many things like base, foundation, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, face powder, and blush on and lipsticks.

History of makeup.

  • If we go in the history we will find out that people in ancient time also has a great likeness for makeup. The people of Egypt also use makeup to enhance their beauty and eye liner and dark eye shadow use to be their favorite.

  • Whereas, ancient Sumerian were the pioneer of lipsticks they use to decorate their face by applying makeup which was available at that time. Their main focus was on eyes and lips.

  • Greeks were also fond of cosmetics and makeup.


Few basics of makeup everyone should read

Skin Base:

Before applying any makeup you should always apply base to your face.



It is used to make skin bright and also gives it a shiner look. People usually apply foundation with hands so it may spread easily and smoothly.



A concealer in makeup is use to hide wrinkles on the skin. It also helps in hiding dark circles.


Eye shadow:

To make your eyes look pretty, different eye shades are used to apply on the eye lid. Most of our makeup depends on eye makeup. Eye shades that are usually applied are matching with the dress color but it all depends on for which occasion you are doing the makeup.


Eye liner:

It is very simple to apply on eyes and the main purpose is to and makes eyes looks pretty.



It makes eye lashes looks bigger and shiner.


Blush on:

“Make your cheeks BLUSH” it is applied on the cheek bones.



Lipstick is one of the important part in makeup, as it is the main focus in your overall appearance.



You should always have good brushes as the brushes plays the main role in makeup.


Importance of Makeup.

You can safely say makeup is one of the important things without that woman cannot live with, It is one of the important pillars of beauty. As people judge the females from their face, look in to the eyes, note facial expressions and then make an opinion about the overall self.

 In every small or big street a parlor is a must and these parlors are getting lot business from the females. According to the ladies the society only accepts them when they look attractive and beautiful. In order to maintain themselves they need cosmetics, beauty products and frequent visits to parlors.

In business point view, people who are selling make ups or any beauty products they have become billionaire. Because these industries are almost coming with every possible solution to enhance the good looks, for example beauty creams hair solution, fairness creams, lotion etc.

They all are available at affordable price in the market.


How To Do Makeup ?

All you need to do is assemble all the necessary things of your makeup. So, that you don’t have to rush when you’re in between a make-up and it makes everything mess up.

Start a make-up with skin base; you should buy a base which matches you skin tone. Spread the base on your all face. Firstly spread on the forehead, cheeks, chin and later on nose and at the end eyes.  Base is the primary tool that prepares face for the make-up. You can use foundation with sponge on the face to make it look bright. Use concealer to hide dark circle and wrinkles of you face.  Use a lighter color on your eyes, add a medium color in center and use the darker tones to the edges. Apply eye liner to give shapes to the eyes. Use mascara to enhance eye lashes. Apply suitable blush on color the cheek bone to make them look pretty. At end apply a lip liner to lips for the shapes, then use lipstick of correct color and at the end apply a little gloss to make the lips look elegant and give makeup a complete look.


Few key points to remember for makeup.

  1. Don’t try be more fairer this will give too artificial look

  2. Don’t use concealer on eye lids

  3. Always match the base tone with the neck not with the face

  4. Don’t go for low quality products

  5. Use foundation with hands

  6. First smile then apply blush on your face

  7. While applying the eye liner use from inward of eye to outward.

  8. Don’t share your makeup brushes with anyone


When To Remove Makeup ?

You should remove make up after getting home or before going to bed. People who sleep with make up on their skins usually have skin allergies and rashes. There are few things that can be useful in the removal of make up

  • Baby wipes

  • Baby oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Cucumber

  • Milk

  • Steam

  • Baking soda

  • Honey


How To Remove Makeup Step By Step Guide:

Remove Eye Makeup:

You can remove eye make with a cotton ball. Apply gently to eyes and smoothly remove the make-up.


Remove Foundation, Base and Blush on:

You can use a daily cleanser to remove foundation and base make up from the face and after that wash your face and apply a cold cream.


Remove lipstick:

It can be removed with the help of petroleum jelly. You can also use olive oil or coconut oil for lips but gently remove it.  Do not rub hard on lips it will damage the skin.


Now Its Your Turn!

Tell Us What Do You Know About Makeup That We Dont ?

Please write your comments below in the comments section:


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Your Beauty Tips Guide For 2017

Our first physical fitness tip is that it is important to exercise regularly. While that is been sound advice for many years, regrettably very several individuals are following it. Considering that aerobic capacity starts to diminish after missing only fourteen days of workout routines, it's clear that constant exercise is the key to success. Another excellent exercise tip is that, to achieve substantial weight reduction, it is important to participate in both cardiovascular and resistance training.


What's the dissimilarity? Aerobic exercise burns fat so you will shed weight today, while strength training preserves and tones muscle so you will keep that fat off tomorrow. To be really fit for a lifetime, you need both types of work out at least 4 times every week. Another manner is to wear wrist or ankle weights while you work out. Even little adjustments to your exercise will make a variation. Altering the intensity not only keeps do more work out intriguing for you, however in addition, it challenges the body to smash through any conditioning plateaus you may be stuck on.


Despite the fact that there's lots of good tips out there regarding whenever you need to work out, the best health tip you will ever find on this subject is merely to work out when it is best for you. Don't get confused by claims the fact that morning exercises are better for fat loss, or that night exercise burns more calories. Follow this physical fitness tip, and odds are good you will end up training more, period. To get the utmost benefit from your weight reduction exercise, get a good workout buddy. That is a good safety tip and a fantastic workout tip too.


At any time you know that the buddy is awaiting you there, you are far more prone to get you down to the health club. When you are getting ready to exercise, beauty tips along with other beauty advice may only distract you from your own target. Rather than attempting to look good while you exercise, focus instead on exercise to look great. If you have not already, consider joining a women only fitness center where one can feel comfortable and really concentrate on weight reduction results - not on your looks or the men in the gym. This will not only help you burn much more fat by maintaining your work out intensity, but it'll also keep you safe by stopping you from exceeding the maximum recommended heart rate. For even more accurate description, consider buying a heart rate monitor. To guarantee an excellent exercise, remember your diet suggestions and nutrition advice.


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Hair Styles In Pakistan 2017

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Hair Styles In Pakistan 2017

Hair Styles

To look beautiful everyone is trying different techniques of hair styling. Hair style plays an important role in your over all look. Many of us cannot decide which hair style we should make on which event. And most important which hair style is suitable for our face shape.  Sometimes we are in a hurry for some a gathering and we cannot go to parlor for our hairstyle. There are numbers of hair styles which can easily made at home. They do not take much time. But we should always keep this is in mind what should be appropriate hair style before going to an office meeting, party, religious gathering or a musical night. According to the latest researches women hairs looks the best at the age of 29. Researches also shows that girls spend more money and have concern for their hairs at the age of 20 or late twenties.

Few Easy Hair Styles that can be made at home

Updo Hair Style:

 It is one of the most popular hair styles among women. All we need in making an updo is hair dryer, clips, pins and hair spray.
Firstly make a pony tail, and then put the pony tail in forward direction. Then open up the hairs from the center and comb them so they remain straight. Put clips on bun and make pony tail in down ward direction. Set the hairs from pins.


Braid Hair Style:

They are I feel the easiest and oldest form of hair styling. As our grandmothers always emphasize our mother to make our single or double braid while going to school as it will make the hairs longer and thicker. We can make simple braid by putting our right shoulder and leave the braid on it.  This hair style will look good on a semi-formal gathering.


High Ponytail Hair Style:

It is very easy and liked by young girls, all you need to do is comb your hairs properly and tie them with pony. Brush the rest of hairs. This hair style is suitable for evening function. High pony can be made in 10 seconds.


Twist and Pin Hair Style:

I have seen twist and pin getting popular from last year. This type of hair style almost suits everyone and looks good on all face shapes. All you need to do is part your hair in to two segments. Take little hair twist them till the end and pin them up. Repeat the procedure with other segment of hairs and leave the rest of the hairs open. You can use hair spray on the twisted hairs so they last longer.


Curls Hair Style:

Curls look good mostly on occasions like Barat or Walima. Curling rods are available in the market. All you need to do is brush your hair, take few hair use the gel from the end, heat up curling rod, roll your hairs on the rod, check after 3-4 minutes, the hairs will get curly, repeat the whole procedure with all the hairs. At the end use sprays so your hair doesn’t get frizzy.


Back combing Hair Style:

It is the most popular hair style among the ladies. These days back combing bun is available in the market. All you need to do is put it in the center of your hairs. Roll your hairs around that bun. Fix that bun using hair pins. Use hair spray at the end.

I have just mentioned few easy hairstyles that take less time. But we should also take good care of our hairs as if our hairs will be good only than we can apply on hundreds of different hairstyles. The factors that affect our hairs negatively include stress and hormones. Mostly pregnancy plays a positive effect on our hairs.


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Dresses for Girls 2017 In Pakistan

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Dresses for Girls 2017 In Pakistan


Every single soul wants to dress up according to the latest fashion and trends. But females in our country are more sensitive to their outlook. There is a great variety of dresses for girls for social functions. The fashion changes every year sometimes it’s the short shirt, sometimes long, sometimes it is the shalwar and sometimes it is with the trouser. So you have to be selective and choosy and need to look around for the latest fashion and design in order to find the best dress for girls.






Designers have the Best dresses for girls in 2017

The sacred month Rabi Al Awwal is the peak season of weddings in Pakistan. There are series of functions in each wedding; MILAD, MAYUN, MEHNDI, BARAT and WALIMA. Trends are changing nowadays, people opt to wear designer clothes for attending a wedding more so on their own celebrations. It has become a status symbol to wear. As it is the common perception those designers know the latest styles, trends and fashion and the will make something exceptional and that would attract the customers.

Pakistan has the best designers who are famous and classy. All of the fashion designers have proper formal education and international exposure on designing. Their focus is on the quality of their dresses which includes Formal, semi-formal, casual and wedding dresses. All the designers’ shops are now open in major cities of Pakistan and have wonderful piece of dresses for girls.


















Latest Trends of Wedding Dresses For Girls in 2017

The wedding is one of the most significant days in every girl’s life. Many of us are planning for it since our childhood. The focus is on the bridal dress, its color and the details. People usually prefer wearing red color on the Barat.  As when you become a Dulhan you are the center of attention of hundreds of people. So you should always wear the best dress which is elegant and you are confident wearing it.

These days the LEHENGAS are in with short shirt, but the designers are making the LEHENGAS lesser heavy whereas the shirt and dupatta is full of work and embellishments. The best dress for girls also includes MAXI, GOWN, SHARARA with open shirt; they are also popular among the ladies in year 2017.

I have seen many brides wearing off white with red particular this year, which I feel look extremely beautiful on brides. Suffice is to say it is an open choice for all brides to wear whatever is their favorite color and style on their big day. 









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