Women Floral Lawn Collection: Dress to Impress

Friday, March 24, 2017 5:02 PM

Women Floral Lawn Collection: Dress to Impress

The new floral lawn collection is a must have this season to feel fresh in summer.

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Summer Color Combinations That Will Make Your Wardrobe Come Alive

Since summer has already arrived in Pakistan and the textile industry is all set up to launch the summer lawn collections in the market. These collections have a blend of gorgeous, charming dresses with elegant colors, artistic embroidery, trendy designs and flawless prints just to make your summer wardrobe perfect. All the outfits seem to have fresh and beautiful colors. Lawn advertisement campaigns have already swept over the country and we are witnessing it all around us on televisions, billboards & social media. Many Pakistani designers are fabricating more innovative designs and experimenting with color combos to attract customers. Summer is the perfect time to break out fresh colors. Even if you overlook the full-color range and only prefer basic colors, you still have a ton of possible combinations.

Try Something with Blue Color


No matter how old you are and in what motif you wear blue; it is your color. Combining azure blue with turquoise gives you a powerful & bright color match with elegance and class. It is one of the combinations that will go with both silver & gold net dupatta lawn suit or if you wish to keep it with neutral color go with white or cream.  Soft pinks and blues may sound understated but when adapted in the right way makes you feel like a soft spring breeze.  Color blocking technique is never too old to adapt and blue with orange is a perfect color scheme for that. Opt for blue pants and add an orange Kurti or choose a piece that mixes the perfect blend of both the colors. For something a little different, try a burnt orange mix with a darker navy blue. Another must try color combo this summer is blue with lemon yellow. The lemon yellow is the perfect way to show your sunny side, while cool light blue balances it out.


Add a Little Grey


Grey is timeless. To most of us, it sounds like dull or boring and others don’t even consider it a color to wear, even though grey is one of the most balanced colors and by combining it with a perfect match does wonders. The Dreamy soft combination of Pink & grey has no limitations the way you can use it; dark grey with a soft pink touch is something your wardrobe owes you this summer. Combining grey with dark green creates a more classy and mysterious look. It looks beautiful when you add white into the mix or play with different kinds of grey. Soft grey with lime green or navy green speaks on its own. You can add a colorful dupatta or scarf just to compliment the look.


Summertime is all about light and playful colors that you can't wear as easily during the winter. No matter how you wear these color combinations for your wardrobe, you are sure to be summer ready at all times. Shop online for clothes in many varieties and in various price ranges, from waayclothing.pk to add these color to your wardrobe.

Designer Lawn Culture Cultivating in Pakistan

Monday, March 13, 2017 6:06 PM

Designer Lawn Culture Cultivating in Pakistan

Some time ago, lawn and cotton dresses were not considered legit to be worn in formal gatherings in Pakistan. There was no concept of buying clothes online. The Pakistani market was a dull place with regards to branded designer clothes. Only a certain elite were accustomed to buy branded clothes, the rest of the populous was just familiar with their names, and even that. For regular Pakistani women who desired to purchase a clothing at a reasonable price, options were to buy ready-made free size shirts or get some unstitched fabric and mark visits first to buy the decorations to make the outfit look more admirable like buttons, laces, etc. and then to the tailors to get the custom-made dress made. But it never came out to be as you had planned.

The Lawn fever

Then came the lawn rush in the early 2000s and it took all that pain away. Hurrayyy!!! The textile titans they came and they conquered! These textile giants elevated this quiet humble neglected fabric to a designer position with crowds of women rushing towards the lawn exhibitions and sales resulting in traffic jams and stressed out spouses. The trend changed and the lawn was considered to be a proud outfit all the nightmares of panicky stopovers to tailor and the fear of wearing undesired dresses died out. At first ladies designer lawn suits were only meant to be seasonal wears but then it progressed to party and formal wears too.  Eventually, in the last five years, designer women dresses evolved into an ambition.

Online Designer Boutiques

After the recent evolution of the internet and growing trend of e-commerce, people are more interested in buying clothes online rather than going to the bazaars. Why waste hours on selecting the perfect fit and design when you can do it just by navigating and clicking on your own device from wherever you want. As the leading brands are launching their varieties like the pret collection, linen embroidery kurtis, net dupatta lawn suits, frock designs and digital kurtas in Pakistan, they’re making sure to keep their presence in the online market too. Affordable designer dresses online is something women in Pakistan crave for. What can be better than having a designer suit which doesn’t burden your wallet? Check out the great deals on fabric collection at waayclothing.pk before the offer expires.

What trends must be diminished this season

Friday, March 10, 2017 2:54 PM

What trends must be diminished this season

Since all fashion enthusiasts are releasing their list of approved or disapproved trends for the spring, we’re all set to suggest ours. With a wide variety of bold or even controversial trends among the Pakistani dress designs we choose to not go against off the shoulders or the tulips shalwars.

We agree that fashion has its own cost and a fashion conscious might end up giving up on comfort at some point be it during the cold or under the scorching sun. But when it starts questioning regarding what actually suits on each of us, other than our fashion reputation, additional measures need to be considered. For instance giving up on a few stitching styles that are not in our favor.

Umbrella sleeves

Umbrella sleeves sure are elegant but the grace isn’t reasonable when you’re surrounded with tasks that might hurt your spent expenses on the new trendy design. What possible disasters could those be, you’d most probably be aware of those. Accidently dipping the edges in sauce, or getting the A-line cuffs ripped in a hurry and many other possible fashion tragedies.

Detailed back neckline

It’s good to have tons of creative ideas running through the mind but implementing them all on just one dress won’t do justice to your style concepts. We like the detailed necklines as much as we like them being left plain with slight finishes. All the enchanting neckline designs would be fine as long as they’re limited to the front neckline only. Overemphasizing on the back neckline? A big no. We suggest you boycott detailing the back neckline and save the ideas for another dress.

Tights on fat girls

Tights sure are at benefit for having resemblance with the urban skinny jeans and of low maintenance that usually includes no obligation to iron them and suiting on different designs of kurtis. But everything comes with a flaw in disguise and in case of tights, the flaw reveals its identity on fat legs. Any non-pleasant trend should die and those that don’t go well on certain figures, skin tones and personalities. The reason of bulging legs is sound enough for the chubby ladies to replace their tights with straight trousers.

Too much frills

Frills are fun as long as applied at a sophisticated extent and worn by slimmer body shapes. Since large size dresses are not the ideal size chart for frills, adding more visualized fat than narrowing it.

The color match and contrasts too play a big part which is absolutely undeniable. Well, different concepts come by and fade. Some take longer some just get diminished soon enough. In our idea, the prevailing color trend of contrast per each fabric of the outfit among the trending casual wears isn’t our favorite. How about we all stick to what actually looks good to the eyes rather than falling for the bold designer’s approved trends only.

Attire gracefully with lehengas

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 1:59 PM

Attire gracefully with lehengas

Bridal season is in and so are the lehengas. In the city of fashion, you can’t possibly be left behind on the trendy options for pretty much any apparel. You just have to know of where exactly to spot the quality fabrics to go with a variety of trends for a flattering lehenga and choli. With a hype of styles going on around the market from panels to embellished trellises, or from brocade trims to embellished tassels, one has just too much of a variety to hand pick from.

Multiple contrasts

The thing about bridal couture is that you can pair up pretty much anything over the bottom and look great. With the choice of picking a number of praise-grabbing contrasts when pairing up dupatta and lehenga over a crop top, the outfit gets more appealing for a mehendi night, be it for the bride or the bridesmaids. Selecting one of the contrast to be either black, navy blue or dark green is the easiest to select the opposing colors from. For the second selection, orange goes best with dark green, shocking pink with dark blue and black is the king for all. Go with shades of salmon, pink, green, blue or anything. Now the third contrast better be chosen carefully. You can either pick the third contrast from any kundan embellished work from either of the fabric or you can sensibly select the third contrast even without any hints from the other fabrics you’re donning. Another option is to go for two same colors to go for the third contrast or have all the piece of the same color. That pretty much gives more of a complete and sober look. Though donning three contrasts has its own charm but so does the minimal amount of contrast, of course depending upon what choices of embellishments you go for and how you choose to implement them. The carefully you design, the legendary the attire.

The right amount of embellished embroidery

There’s a whole showcase of embroidery marking impressions since the history of Mughals till present and it just gets more creative with every season that comes by. For the bridal wear as well as the pret wears and so on. You don’t just go with a couple of embellishments anymore. You go with hundreds. Okay jokes apart, not that much either but we have been watching the trends adopting around five to six sort of embellished embroidery to be approximate. With the sophisticated and selective mixture of dabka and/or nakshi dabka going with resham, velvet applique, salma sitaray, zardozi which is referred as ‘stitching with gold’, as well as kamdani, tilla, marodi, sequins, mukaish, French silver work and kundan along with the round and square diamantes. The list just doesn’t seem to end of how many ways you can possibly mix and match among all these.

The extras

How you choose to implement these embellished embroideries is again a whole new destiny to achieve when you’re actually passionate about it. For confusing moments, you can always surf through the bridal couture sites like you do when you’re up for online designer wear window shopping and have inspiring new clothes designs to rain over your wish list. You can visit waayclothing.pk for fancy inspirations. Now when you go through the product pictures, what you will most probably be witnessing among the trending extras, would be the embellished and ornamental tassels, braided or embellished belt, and crystal or kamdani jaal. Then there are the crystal, kamdani or badla chann, the gota work as well as in the rajasthani one, and the center panels. Like mentioned before, the evergreen list goes on to infinity.

What to do with the crop tops? You will look as graceful whether you pair up the lehenga with either a crop top, a medium length blouse, a short kameez length top or even a super long kameez but that would transform more into a bridal like couture. Anyhow, the neckline can be gone embellished with a handful of embroidery selections or absolutely plain in a velvet or any lighter fabric. So give your best attempts once and have a lehenga masterpiece to glow on you.

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