Summer trouble: What to wear to the weddings?

Monday, March 27, 2017 11:25 AM

Summer trouble: What to wear to the weddings?

Weddings being a celebration of now and then are usually the most awaited ones in our life. Be it our own or of anyone close to us, with the terms of relativeness with the bride or groom depending upon the attire and attempts. The more closely related to the ones being wed, the more the efforts to look fancy. Well, now that the summer is here, all your attempts are going to come down to two main concerns. Sweat-proof look and keeping up the trends.

The mismatch among the trends and choice of the majority

Though the bridal dresses are still cool with the ground touching hemlines like the maxi dresses but not trending for the luxury ladies clothing or pret wears, yet most of the wedding wear dresses in our wardrobe are more associated with the former trends. Women tend to cope up with the casual fashion trends way more than any formal trends and prioritize the classic styles over the ones which are more likely to be shrunk. For instance, the peplum tops over tulips pants or off the shoulder tops are not what the majority of the women are comfortable with. Similarly, you’d have come across many styles that are not every person’s cup of tea. One of the reasons being, expensive womens clothes than a relatively much cheaper kurtis in fashion and the efforts to make each dress super fancy. With the current luxury ladies clothing in the market being knee length embroidered kameez, fabulously paired up w ith trousers detailed with organza, and chan or jaal dupattas with fine finishing. Seems absolutely comfortable, sophisticated and stylish to deal with, even if the wedding venue be a lawn. What comes next is the unwillingness to purchase a whole new collection of three to four for a wedding affair.

Jewelries to go for

Statement earrings are the best choice for anyone, be it the best friend, cousin or the even a distant relative. Having no one other to judge for overdoing it, as long as the dangling earrings you go for are appealing as well. When the comfort zone is put under highlight, there is no stopping from going for delicate and light weight jewelry. Carry a studded clutch or a metallic or embellished one to glow along with you.

Color suggestions? Though fawn, teals and pastels are appealing to every eye but sometimes what makes you stand out is your fabulous choice to go against the herd and look one in a hundred. With waay clothing, figure out what color colors seems the most appealing on you, and have it delivered at your home since new embroidered dresses with astonishing styles are totally guaranteed.

Women Floral Lawn Collection: Dress to Impress

Friday, March 24, 2017 5:02 PM

Women Floral Lawn Collection: Dress to Impress

The new floral lawn collection is a must have this season to feel fresh in summer.

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Trending Trouser Styles This Year for Your Summer Wardrobe

As the sun grows brighter and sand gets hotter you know that summer is here and it’s time for your summer wardrobe to get updated. Living in this era, it has become essential for women from all aspects of life to stay updated with all latest fashion trends and designs. It is the wish of every girl to be the first one to adopt the latest trend. Shalwar has always been a vital part of our Pakistani culture. The current evolution in the fashion industry has made many changes in the traditional style. They have now become more glamourize and classy with time. The trend of wearing long shirts with shalwars is past already.

At present, we are witnessing these latest and on-going trends of new trouser styles in the summer fabrics like lawn, cotton, chiffon, silk etc. These shalwars have a classy looking shape. Now in 2017, designers are creating and re-transforming the look of shalwar in Pakistan. In current styling days, apart from simple looking shalwars, we have the arrival of cigarette pants and tulip pants, loose fit pants, palazzos, tights, embroidered/printed pants and a lot of variety.

Palazzo Pants: The Perfect Summer Choice

Palazzo pants can be described as long straight trousers which are tight from the opening and loose from the bottom and they are wide too. They are a little bit exceptional from all other pants like bell bottoms, Gaucho Trousers, and Parallels. They are part of top dressing trend in Pakistan. Mostly girls like to wear them and they have achieved a notable design and style. You can wear them with long or short shirts, tops, t-shirts whatever you like.

Patiala & Churidar Shalwars are History

There was a time when woman and even girls in Pakistan loved to wear churidars whether in casual or formal with long and short shirts. In the past, women were quite eager to wear the short-shirts with the Patiala shalwar but now they have been replaced with trousers and pants. The style of wearing simple shalwar was vanquished earlier from the fashion industry. Pakistani fashion designers have now introduced various styles of simple and embroidered pants for young girls. There are many options for those who love to wear traditional and customary styles, rather than putting on jeans, with a modern touch.

Tulip Pants: The New Avatar

This year 2017, the latest innovation done with the pants is “tulip pants”, which has now become the most favorite and preferable style of shalwar. We can see women all around us wearing tulip pants. Girls and woman of every age attire them and it suits them well. This gives them a stylish and elegant look. Whether you are short or tall this tulip pants trend in women is a perfect choice for both casual and semi-formal events. These pants are available in many forms of fabric, styles, patterns, designs and in bright and eye-catching colors. Many brands are also launching their collections in them.

4 Stitch hints to adopt from the luxury prets

Monday, March 20, 2017 6:59 PM

4 Stitch hints to adopt from the luxury prets

Bridal couture is blooming with elegant hints that you can implement on your casuals too. Be the trendsetter, and take the plunge even if it means rephrasing hints from the formal wears and granting those to your latest lawn prints or the semiformal chiffon dresses. Digital prints this season though, are too enchanting on their own but when you can attach bits and pieces of tailored attraction to your unstitched dress then why not add the golden finish to them.

Embrace the cuffs

Take the other route when everyone else is driving to the malls for umbrella sleeves or straight digital printed sleeves. Why do we have to recommend? Go with heavily embroidered cuffs with a signature impact and unique round cut trim.

Captivating necklines

The modern bridals attire is so self-sufficient when it comes to necklines that you could pick any with the blindfolds on and every pick would be as flattering. How about you let a little inspiration from the epic couture make its way to your next to-be-stitched casual wear like we see spiral cut finishes in a V-cut illusion or over the broad boat neckline. For a unique flaunting experiment with off the shoulders, have another coat of fabric go over the cold shoulder in a variety of shape selection.

The embroidery  

Embroideries if done with a rich fuller look can work wonders on a dress and this is what we’ve been witnessing throughout the Pakistan fashion week this season and before. Celebrate the embroidery and its success on your semi-formals with delicate touch of slight but quality embroidery. An ocean of embroidery designs is all over the markets. From eyelets cutouts or thick embroidery to thin embellished jaals, with touches of organza or tissue to resham embroidery working wonders, experiments can be fun for the designer-like minds.

The jaal embroidery

With every other bridal couture introducing dupattas with embellished jaals, why not let the dupattas create most of the impacts on your party wear chiffon dresses, instead of leaving majority of your thin chiffon dupattas hanging plain with just slightly appealing finishes. You can also add in the thin brocade finishes at the ends.

Have your eyes set on what else you can carry along with your casual and basic wears, since the luxury pret collections have a lot to take creativity from.

4 rising elements among the casual wears

Friday, March 17, 2017 5:00 PM

4 rising elements among the casual wears

Every season generates a different era of styling around with fashionable apparels enhancing rapidly. Other than word of the mouth, the impact of consecutive sight of a certain style too speaks for itself. Whether you notice the women walking around with stitched-on appliques, or a model posing for a fashion catalogue or as you spot styling trends as you sort through a variety of new dress designs at a clothing outlet.

Pearls at an escalation

Pearls seem to be breathing life into clothing, shoes, and jewelries. What better could be done to this season with blooming florals, alluring digital prints, and birds and leaves patterns? Plus we cannot forget to mention the ladder cutout details and the tiny beaded trims that save us from leaving the ends just plain.

The deal with neckline

The vertical line stitched perpendicular to the broad boat necklines or the V-necks are the easiest to get away with when having a summer dress stitched. Pick a slim trim or a broad one, a smooth stitch or a frilled trim, they’re all just fabulous.

Fancy finishes

Be it the border of the kurta, the ends of trousers or the cuffs, embroidered broad laces are one of the glowing appliques to be stitched just few inches above the ends. From lace jaal to floral embroidery cutouts, and from organza cutouts to chikon embroidery on the finishes, the variety has really astonished us from almost every nook and corner of the top selling ladies clothing outlets.

Crinkle dupattas

The perfect getaway for skinny ladies out there. Grab a matching crinkle dupatta and let it pair up with cream white or black shalwars to give any solely bought kurta a complete look. Shoe suggestion: Wedges, casual sandals, pumps and you’re good to go. Just ditch the sneakers if you’re matching a shalwar with the kameez.

Though tassels too have been rocking at fancy dresses, attempted to take over on the casual collections but it seems they’re reaching nowhere. Interestingly, the lawns and casual prints don’t actually ask for much attempts for styling since everything is pretty much there even on the unstitched. With, discover latest lawn prints that you could be missing out on to. 

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