Trending bridal apparels for the weddings this season

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 4:20 PM

Trending bridal apparels for the weddings this season

With the wedding season rolling in and so much hype raging over on to the bride’s must have list, one can’t just literally have it all on one outfit. But the best thing is that it’s not just about one day, it’s about the number of events you’re planning to hold. So leading you to some generalized fashion perception that every designer currently beholds to bring out the perfectly dolled up bride for each and every event.

Keep your hopes up for the long lengths

The trend of super long dresses in casual and cottons may be gone but not when it comes to the bridal attire. You could window shop or you could surf the sites online but you won’t see being entirely deprived of the super long bridal lehengas and maxis and what not among the Pakistani wedding dresses. A bride is all about grace and glamour so we love the sight of gorgeously long glamour apparels hanging in the stores. However if you’re looking for absolutely new dress designs then medium length kameez can go appropriate on engagements and Mayoon or Dholkis.

Suggestions: Categorize your desired looks into the expected events. Fashion features of simple yet delicate touch could go all combined for the Nikah. All the fun bold to be left for the dholkis and mehendi outfits. Whatever you like, going for three different colors for each piece of clothing, the all-heavy Balochi Matha patti, the rehearsed dance. Try to sophisticatedly balance the yellows in the mayoon dress. It’s good to add fun, vibrant and shocking pinks to the already bright yellow but seriously does it call look appealing apart from being all attention seeking? Try gracefully balancing the color combination and especially the color tone you finalize. You can always take out time to hit the online sites, view hundreds of designs on concerning designer brands once and for all.

Border or no border?

Coming to the dupattas, few seasons back all we saw were massive borders on the linings of the bridal veils. With time we saw the super sleet fringes aka “Kiran” on the borders whereas some chose to go for the curvy cut borders. Embellished balls rocked their way to the top during the previous seasons then seemed to have had the hype cooled down for a while. Though you’d still see a number of brides going for the balled veil. Well, in our opinion everything mentioned above is good to go as long as it turns out to look reasonable once all the chosen trend are accumulated to the complete bridal outfit.

Embroidery fixtures

Which embellishment to go for? Well the gold embroidery, the crystal zirconia one or rose gold are the most commonly fallen for embroideries. And then we see designers going for the grey embellished embroidery which often doesn’t seem to portray its charm on every single ground color used for the dress. If you’ve been in touch with the bridal trends going on in the previously hit trends, you would have seen colorful enchanted embroidery, be it of blossoms or similar patterns.

Certain embroidery on a certain dress and a certain color can make or break or crack your expectations to a certain look. So carefully visualize the look before getting it all done from the tailor or the designer. A clear imagination will save you from future whining.

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