A girl Can Never Have Enough Handbags

Monday, March 27, 2017 4:35 PM

A girl Can Never Have Enough Handbags

Handbag, purse, clutch or whatever you name it, seems to be the most logical accessory to carry with you. People glimpse a lot of giant size bags sometimes while shopping and wonder who actually custom that? Well, ladies have a lot of things to carry with them either they are going to shopping, university, workplace or party and if you’re a mother of infants you know the struggle is real, you have to pack a whole small luggage of your toddler before leaving. For that, we have got baby bags, so basically, handbags are the cache for ladies. They assist us to carry and find belongings easily.  There are handbags that are more spacious, have more compartments to store things, while there are some pocket sizes too. You can select the one which is best for you according to your requirements. Handbags are there to make your life much easier and organized with a touch of style of course.

A Way to Express Yourself without Speaking.

Most ladies have an obsession to keep in vogue, chic, designer bags in their collection. They trust that they will affect their personality and give a popular look to them. Handbags are now thought to express your class, it shows how confident you are and according to a recent survey woman who carries a designer, ironic, the elegant handbag is perceived as her husband is more devoted to her, it’s just the case like a diamond ring.

Why Spend Too Much On a Handbag?

The first time you bought a Pakistani designer hand bag was maybe when you were in school? According to a survey, women spend twice or thrice a year on a handbag.  Spending money on handbags can never upset a woman. Some might even save their money or wait till their favorite designer announces a deal, to spend on handbags. It is okay to spend money on yourself. A handbag can be your life-savior-friend so it is worth spending on it.  As some of the bag-o-holic say you can’t buy contentment but you can buy a handbag and it’s pretty much the same.

Women Floral Lawn Collection: Dress to Impress

Friday, March 24, 2017 5:02 PM

Women Floral Lawn Collection: Dress to Impress

The new floral lawn collection is a must have this season to feel fresh in summer.

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Trending Trouser Styles This Year for Your Summer Wardrobe

As the sun grows brighter and sand gets hotter you know that summer is here and it’s time for your summer wardrobe to get updated. Living in this era, it has become essential for women from all aspects of life to stay updated with all latest fashion trends and designs. It is the wish of every girl to be the first one to adopt the latest trend. Shalwar has always been a vital part of our Pakistani culture. The current evolution in the fashion industry has made many changes in the traditional style. They have now become more glamourize and classy with time. The trend of wearing long shirts with shalwars is past already.

At present, we are witnessing these latest and on-going trends of new trouser styles in the summer fabrics like lawn, cotton, chiffon, silk etc. These shalwars have a classy looking shape. Now in 2017, designers are creating and re-transforming the look of shalwar in Pakistan. In current styling days, apart from simple looking shalwars, we have the arrival of cigarette pants and tulip pants, loose fit pants, palazzos, tights, embroidered/printed pants and a lot of variety.

Palazzo Pants: The Perfect Summer Choice

Palazzo pants can be described as long straight trousers which are tight from the opening and loose from the bottom and they are wide too. They are a little bit exceptional from all other pants like bell bottoms, Gaucho Trousers, and Parallels. They are part of top dressing trend in Pakistan. Mostly girls like to wear them and they have achieved a notable design and style. You can wear them with long or short shirts, tops, t-shirts whatever you like.

Patiala & Churidar Shalwars are History

There was a time when woman and even girls in Pakistan loved to wear churidars whether in casual or formal with long and short shirts. In the past, women were quite eager to wear the short-shirts with the Patiala shalwar but now they have been replaced with trousers and pants. The style of wearing simple shalwar was vanquished earlier from the fashion industry. Pakistani fashion designers have now introduced various styles of simple and embroidered pants for young girls. There are many options for those who love to wear traditional and customary styles, rather than putting on jeans, with a modern touch.

Tulip Pants: The New Avatar

This year 2017, the latest innovation done with the pants is “tulip pants”, which has now become the most favorite and preferable style of shalwar. We can see women all around us wearing tulip pants. Girls and woman of every age attire them and it suits them well. This gives them a stylish and elegant look. Whether you are short or tall this tulip pants trend in women is a perfect choice for both casual and semi-formal events. These pants are available in many forms of fabric, styles, patterns, designs and in bright and eye-catching colors. Many brands are also launching their collections in them.

Summer Color Combinations That Will Make Your Wardrobe Come Alive

Since summer has already arrived in Pakistan and the textile industry is all set up to launch the summer lawn collections in the market. These collections have a blend of gorgeous, charming dresses with elegant colors, artistic embroidery, trendy designs and flawless prints just to make your summer wardrobe perfect. All the outfits seem to have fresh and beautiful colors. Lawn advertisement campaigns have already swept over the country and we are witnessing it all around us on televisions, billboards & social media. Many Pakistani designers are fabricating more innovative designs and experimenting with color combos to attract customers. Summer is the perfect time to break out fresh colors. Even if you overlook the full-color range and only prefer basic colors, you still have a ton of possible combinations.

Try Something with Blue Color


No matter how old you are and in what motif you wear blue; it is your color. Combining azure blue with turquoise gives you a powerful & bright color match with elegance and class. It is one of the combinations that will go with both silver & gold net dupatta lawn suit or if you wish to keep it with neutral color go with white or cream.  Soft pinks and blues may sound understated but when adapted in the right way makes you feel like a soft spring breeze.  Color blocking technique is never too old to adapt and blue with orange is a perfect color scheme for that. Opt for blue pants and add an orange Kurti or choose a piece that mixes the perfect blend of both the colors. For something a little different, try a burnt orange mix with a darker navy blue. Another must try color combo this summer is blue with lemon yellow. The lemon yellow is the perfect way to show your sunny side, while cool light blue balances it out.


Add a Little Grey


Grey is timeless. To most of us, it sounds like dull or boring and others don’t even consider it a color to wear, even though grey is one of the most balanced colors and by combining it with a perfect match does wonders. The Dreamy soft combination of Pink & grey has no limitations the way you can use it; dark grey with a soft pink touch is something your wardrobe owes you this summer. Combining grey with dark green creates a more classy and mysterious look. It looks beautiful when you add white into the mix or play with different kinds of grey. Soft grey with lime green or navy green speaks on its own. You can add a colorful dupatta or scarf just to compliment the look.


Summertime is all about light and playful colors that you can't wear as easily during the winter. No matter how you wear these color combinations for your wardrobe, you are sure to be summer ready at all times. Shop online for clothes in many varieties and in various price ranges, from waayclothing.pk to add these color to your wardrobe.

Designer Lawn Culture Cultivating in Pakistan

Monday, March 13, 2017 6:06 PM

Designer Lawn Culture Cultivating in Pakistan

Some time ago, lawn and cotton dresses were not considered legit to be worn in formal gatherings in Pakistan. There was no concept of buying clothes online. The Pakistani market was a dull place with regards to branded designer clothes. Only a certain elite were accustomed to buy branded clothes, the rest of the populous was just familiar with their names, and even that. For regular Pakistani women who desired to purchase a clothing at a reasonable price, options were to buy ready-made free size shirts or get some unstitched fabric and mark visits first to buy the decorations to make the outfit look more admirable like buttons, laces, etc. and then to the tailors to get the custom-made dress made. But it never came out to be as you had planned.

The Lawn fever

Then came the lawn rush in the early 2000s and it took all that pain away. Hurrayyy!!! The textile titans they came and they conquered! These textile giants elevated this quiet humble neglected fabric to a designer position with crowds of women rushing towards the lawn exhibitions and sales resulting in traffic jams and stressed out spouses. The trend changed and the lawn was considered to be a proud outfit all the nightmares of panicky stopovers to tailor and the fear of wearing undesired dresses died out. At first ladies designer lawn suits were only meant to be seasonal wears but then it progressed to party and formal wears too.  Eventually, in the last five years, designer women dresses evolved into an ambition.

Online Designer Boutiques

After the recent evolution of the internet and growing trend of e-commerce, people are more interested in buying clothes online rather than going to the bazaars. Why waste hours on selecting the perfect fit and design when you can do it just by navigating and clicking on your own device from wherever you want. As the leading brands are launching their varieties like the pret collection, linen embroidery kurtis, net dupatta lawn suits, frock designs and digital kurtas in Pakistan, they’re making sure to keep their presence in the online market too. Affordable designer dresses online is something women in Pakistan crave for. What can be better than having a designer suit which doesn’t burden your wallet? Check out the great deals on fabric collection at waayclothing.pk before the offer expires.

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