Do You Know History OF Makeup ? How To Apply & Remove Makeup ? 

The term make up refers to something that is going to enhance one’s beauty or we say it can modify one’s appearance. Makeup includes many things like base, foundation, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, face powder, and blush on and lipsticks.

History of makeup.

  • If we go in the history we will find out that people in ancient time also has a great likeness for makeup. The people of Egypt also use makeup to enhance their beauty and eye liner and dark eye shadow use to be their favorite.

  • Whereas, ancient Sumerian were the pioneer of lipsticks they use to decorate their face by applying makeup which was available at that time. Their main focus was on eyes and lips.

  • Greeks were also fond of cosmetics and makeup.


Few basics of makeup everyone should read

Skin Base:

Before applying any makeup you should always apply base to your face.






It is used to make skin bright and also gives it a shiner look. People usually apply foundation with hands so it may spread easily and smoothly.



A concealer in makeup is use to hide wrinkles on the skin. It also helps in hiding dark circles.


Eye shadow:

To make your eyes look pretty, different eye shades are used to apply on the eye lid. Most of our makeup depends on eye makeup. Eye shades that are usually applied are matching with the dress color but it all depends on for which occasion you are doing the makeup.




Eye liner:

It is very simple to apply on eyes and the main purpose is to and makes eyes looks pretty.



It makes eye lashes looks bigger and shiner.


Blush on:

“Make your cheeks BLUSH” it is applied on the cheek bones.



Lipstick is one of the important part in makeup, as it is the main focus in your overall appearance.



You should always have good brushes as the brushes plays the main role in makeup.


Importance of Makeup.

You can safely say makeup is one of the important things without that woman cannot live with, It is one of the important pillars of beauty. As people judge the females from their face, look in to the eyes, note facial expressions and then make an opinion about the overall self.

 In every small or big street a parlor is a must and these parlors are getting lot business from the females. According to the ladies the society only accepts them when they look attractive and beautiful. In order to maintain themselves they need cosmetics, beauty products and frequent visits to parlors.

In business point view, people who are selling make ups or any beauty products they have become billionaire. Because these industries are almost coming with every possible solution to enhance the good looks, for example beauty creams hair solution, fairness creams, lotion etc.

They all are available at affordable price in the market.


How To Do Makeup ?

All you need to do is assemble all the necessary things of your makeup. So, that you don’t have to rush when you’re in between a make-up and it makes everything mess up.

Start a make-up with skin base; you should buy a base which matches you skin tone. Spread the base on your all face. Firstly spread on the forehead, cheeks, chin and later on nose and at the end eyes.  Base is the primary tool that prepares face for the make-up. You can use foundation with sponge on the face to make it look bright. Use concealer to hide dark circle and wrinkles of you face.  Use a lighter color on your eyes, add a medium color in center and use the darker tones to the edges. Apply eye liner to give shapes to the eyes. Use mascara to enhance eye lashes. Apply suitable blush on color the cheek bone to make them look pretty. At end apply a lip liner to lips for the shapes, then use lipstick of correct color and at the end apply a little gloss to make the lips look elegant and give makeup a complete look.


Few key points to remember for makeup.

  1. Don’t try be more fairer this will give too artificial look

  2. Don’t use concealer on eye lids

  3. Always match the base tone with the neck not with the face

  4. Don’t go for low quality products

  5. Use foundation with hands

  6. First smile then apply blush on your face

  7. While applying the eye liner use from inward of eye to outward.

  8. Don’t share your makeup brushes with anyone


When To Remove Makeup ?

You should remove make up after getting home or before going to bed. People who sleep with make up on their skins usually have skin allergies and rashes. There are few things that can be useful in the removal of make up

  • Baby wipes

  • Baby oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Cucumber

  • Milk

  • Steam

  • Baking soda

  • Honey


How To Remove Makeup Step By Step Guide:

Remove Eye Makeup:

You can remove eye make with a cotton ball. Apply gently to eyes and smoothly remove the make-up.


Remove Foundation, Base and Blush on:

You can use a daily cleanser to remove foundation and base make up from the face and after that wash your face and apply a cold cream.


Remove lipstick:

It can be removed with the help of petroleum jelly. You can also use olive oil or coconut oil for lips but gently remove it.  Do not rub hard on lips it will damage the skin.


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