Eyes are one the most important feature of human body. While considering the makeup girls are equally conscious about how to give eyes a stunning look. As eye makeup takes the most of time and it is extremely tricky too. Either with a small effort you can make them enhances your overall presence or they will spoil your complete look.

Step Wise Eye Makeup:

You need to start your makeup by washing your face completely and after that apply a moisturizer on the whole to make the skin prepare for the makeup.




The next step is a concealer as I mentioned previously it is use to hide wrinkles and dark circles, so while applying it around eyes it will cover the dark circles. But don’t put the concealer in large amount, only few drops will be sufficient.




Put the eye base on the eye lid and then massage it slowly on the eye lid. The whole eye lid should be covered with the base. The main aim behind applying the base is to make eye makeup up lasts for longer. It also gives eye makeup bright and shiner appearance.



Eye Shadow:

You should select a perfect eye shade of your choice and taste. So that in the center of the makeup you are not confuse about it. You should always start with the light tone on the eye lid, and then use the medium tone in the center and the darkest to the end of the eye lids. You should merge the three tones well they should always give a perfect combination together. Always select the separate brush for each tone and wash the brushes at the end.



Eye Liner:

After the eye shades use eye liner on the top of the eye lash, start applying eye liner from the inner side to the outer end. It is your own choice whether to use a thick eye liner or a slightly thin. Always let the eye liner dry for few seconds before opening the eyes.




 You can put the mascara on your eye lashes at the end of the makeup just to make them look thicker and bigger.



Girls, Here are important tips for safe eye makeup in 2017:

  • Always put primer before applying the eye shadow to eyes because it helps oily eye lids and make the eye shadow looks really better.

  • Always have different good brand brushes before makeup. Mac has the best quality of brushes (that is personal experience)

  • Mix the eye shadow with white as it gives eyes more vibrant color.

  • You should have a matte brown shade because it is mix up with many colors and gives eye makeup a terrific look.



Smoky eyes:

It is one the most popular and common eye makeup these days. Whenever you go to parlor for makeup they specifically ask you, whether you need a smoky eye make on the wedding or not. Even the charges for the smoky eyes are separately mentioning the board. Smoky eyes are liked by everyone and mostly it suits too. Basically the smoky eye makeup gives eye a dark and smudge effect.
Mostly the blacks and the greys are used in smoky makeup but nowadays blues and violet are also mixed with black to give eyes smoky look.



Method of creating smoky eye makeup:

  • Start the eye makeup with the lightest color on the eye lid. Don’t for get to apply it under the eye brows.

  • Use the medium shade on the eye; it should be blended with the lightest color which is used early.

  •  Now select the black eye shadow for the eyes, you have to put the dark shade in the C form towards the end of eye brow.

  • Blend the three colors so that they give a smooth look on eyes.

  • Apply eye liner, use thin eye liner if you are doing smoky eye makeup.

  • Apply mascara to the eye lashes.

  • At the end brush away the excess color.



List of Best Safest Eye Makeup Remover In 2017: 

  • Sephora Waterproof Eye makeup

  • Neutrogena Oil free Eye makeup remover

  • Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water

  • Maybelline New York Expert 

  • M.A.C Wipes 

  • Almay Oil Free gentle Eye Makeup Remover

  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

  • The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye makeup 



Point to Ponder:

  • You shouldn’t put heavy makeup on all the face if you have done dark eye makeup choose light lipstick.

  • If you want to make your eyes look bigger put mascara and curls your eye lashes it will instantly give eyes bigger look.

  • You should not add too much highlighter to your face while using makeup it will give an artificial look.

  • You shouldn’t mix too many eye shadows on your eyes it will not give good looks.

  • You can use gold shimmer if you know how to use it properly it gives a beautiful look.

  • Always wash your brushes at the end of your eye makeup. So that they will not create any skin rash and allergy to your skin.

  • You should also know the best eye shadow which will complement your eye color.

    Always have a magnifying mirror while doing a makeup; it will give a clear picture of your makeup.

  • You should never wear clumpy mascara.

  • You can always use little glitter to sparkle your eyes.


You should never save money in buying good quality makeup, as you have to apply the light makeup on daily basis. People often buy cheap products and as a reaction they got skin allergies which are sometimes chronic and not treatable.


Now Its Your Turn!

Tell us what problems you are facing during your eye makeup ? We will try answer them in our next blog post related to eye makeup.

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