Is Clothing the Only Thing That Sums Up A Good Personality?

Is being trendy all about wearing nice and stylish clothes? Being the fashion icon or purchasing the latest designer collection is the only way to be in the spotlight? Well, for some instant the way you dress definitely matters and is part of your personality but that’s not all. Fashion will change with time but your style remains constant. The way you carry yourself and the outfit, your behaviors and how do you treat the world. Think of a personality you always admire or wish to be like that. Is it because of the clothes he or she wears or the overall personality, the way he or she is friendly? If you don’t know her, just admired her because of the “OOTD PICTURES” on social media, and once in a while you got a chance to meet her, she is wearing the same outfit you loved in a picture. But she didn’t speak in a nice way or is not as humble or friendly as you thought she would be, or maybe something else went wrong, and you start realizing that it was not like you though it would be.

Don’t Be Judgmental

You can’t judge someone by his/her outfit. It’s not that simple. Well, we have heard a lot of sayings about the negative or positive impressions our dressing can make.  How a man can be judged by the shoes he wears and how elegant a woman can be with a designer handbag. No piece of clothing or makeup tricks can make you feel good, positive or successful unless you are! It is not what’s outside, what matters is inside.


Make a Positive Attitude towards Life

Your positive behavior towards life can make your personality pleasant. Try to see the delight in the world. Be friendly with others, smile often and remove the negativity from the heart. These are the few things that count towards having a good personality that people look up to. Remain calm in problematic situations as things really don’t go along sometimes as we plan. Yes, there is a relation between clothing and personality, no one can deny. Dress well to feel good and confident, spend money on dress shops online or stuff you love but don’t follow the trends blindly. Stay cool in what makes you comfortable and assured. Because it is ultimately you who has to love herself first before anyone else.

3 Pakistani Embroidery Styles that Never Get Old

Monday, April 24, 2017 11:06 AM

3 Pakistani Embroidery Styles that Never Get Old

Pakistan has its very own culture and heritage which is well known and famous all around the globe. Our culture and traditions have put a unique taste in the way we dress. Pakistani traditional embroidered dresses are well recognized and demanding not just within the country but across the world. We have many designs and styles which are remarkable as well as part of our culture from ages. At first, these embroidered dresses were handmade by our women, who used different fabrics, threads, stones, a variety of yarns all their heart and efforts to produce a stunning and stylish piece of clothing. Soon with the development of industries, we have machines to do all this. Nevertheless, the beauty of these embroideries is still there with the latest updates to go with this modern era.

Gota Kinnari

Gota kinnari is something which is old yet still trendy. It is some kind of a silver or gold lace which you can arrange on your dress to make it shiny and perfect. It is mostly famous in wedding attire. Interestingly, it was first crafted with strips of real gold and silver and was quite expensive. With the changes in time and fashion, it was adopted by more inexpensive options, which are reliable and durable as well. Brides usually wear dresses with this embroidery on their big day as well as the sisters and cousins usually prefer multi-colored like shades of green, orange and yellow got kinnari dresses on mehndi functions. Lots of creativity and innovations can be done to make it more gorgeous and beautiful.

Multani Style Hand Embroidery

Multani embroidery has been an essential part of our culture. No matter how old it sounds, it is still popular and admired by people of all age groups. Even many famous Pakistani designers are launching their collections with a touch of hand embroidery. Multani embroidered kurtas speaks on its own. Don’t want to go with a completely crafted shalwar suit? Give your stylish look a traditional touch with having a plain suit with colorful multani dupatta, or the look which is trending the most these days is having it on sleeves.

Zardozi Embroidery

You can’t just ignore the way Zardozi works out for a fancy dress. This thing never gets old, it is one of the most beautiful metal embroideries which was once part of royal attires. No wonder how classy and royal it feels when you attire it. To give it, even more, embellish look stones and pearls are added. Choose the right color combination and you can get the perfect feminine, elegant, turning heads around outfit for the occasion. You can try a pink and fuchsia long shirt zardozi embroidered with a net dupatta, or the one which gives a striking look is a peach color shirt with golden thread zardozi embroidery. You can add a small sequel of flowers just to get a semi-formal guise.

3 Tips to Remember while Dressing for a Wedding

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 2:45 PM

3 Tips to Remember while Dressing for a Wedding

Pakistani weddings are functions to remember for your lifetime. These are one of the typical events where you get the chance to interact with a lot of people, some you know and for some, you pretend. And if the ceremony is related to someone close to you maybe a family member than it comes with a lot more of fun, excitement, and enjoyment. The young or the elder everyone gets busy and excited as the event approaches. With all these functions and enthusiasm, the most asked question is what to wear? Deciding what to wear and how for a wedding is the most time taking and thought to provoke task. Sometimes all the cousin decide to have a dress code and it gets a little more frustrating to select the best pick. On the other hand, you are invited to a wedding of someone you haven’t seen since forever, and it is a total blindfold for you what everyone else is attiring. These three simple tips can save a lot of your energy and time if kept in consideration before dressing for a wedding.

Don’t Panic

First and foremost thing to remember. Don’t create panic lady! You know your family or friends right? They are not going to kick you out if you wear something too casual or a bit too flashy. Agreed there is a lot of scope for stress as there would be a lot of people dressed in different styles, and you can’t be sure of want to wear. If you’re not sure how to deal with the scene, keep in mind a few things, time, venue, and the kind of crowd you will face. There's quiet of touch to go around with!

Don’t Be Over or Under Dress

Some of the Pakistani wedding functions are arranged within the family mates, sometimes even in a backyard or a dining hall is enough for it. For such events, make the right choice of colors and dresses that will make your personality graceful and elegant. Even if they say the dress code is casual, it doesn’t mean that you can go in your jeans with a loose fitted top. If it is a huge occasion with a hundred of people invited, then try something fancier. Experiment a little with bright colors. While deciding to wear black or white, keep in mind the traditional setup. Black has been a taboo to wear in weddings, but somehow the trend has changed. When in doubt, combine it with other colors. Even if it’s your best friend or sister’s marriage, and you recently got married and wish to look like, don’t try to steal the show. You want to look stylish and a newlywed bride but don’t distract the attention from the bride.

Accessorize Properly

Pakistani weddings are not inexpensive anymore. If you’re invited to one, put some effort. No matter how much you’re willing to go if you have decided to go then show up well. An outfit is not just the only thing to concern about. If not carried with style and grace, a great outfit is just a piece of clothing. Match it with the finest pair of shoes and jewelry. Remember less is more. You don't need a tiara, earrings, necklace and a band. Accessories add an exclusive touch to the entire look, but if the dress is already embellished don’t go for too many over-the-top accoutrements.

Lastly, be confident of what you’re wearing.

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Summer trouble: What to wear to the weddings?

Monday, March 27, 2017 11:25 AM

Summer trouble: What to wear to the weddings?

Weddings being a celebration of now and then are usually the most awaited ones in our life. Be it our own or of anyone close to us, with the terms of relativeness with the bride or groom depending upon the attire and attempts. The more closely related to the ones being wed, the more the efforts to look fancy. Well, now that the summer is here, all your attempts are going to come down to two main concerns. Sweat-proof look and keeping up the trends.

The mismatch among the trends and choice of the majority

Though the bridal dresses are still cool with the ground touching hemlines like the maxi dresses but not trending for the luxury ladies clothing or pret wears, yet most of the wedding wear dresses in our wardrobe are more associated with the former trends. Women tend to cope up with the casual fashion trends way more than any formal trends and prioritize the classic styles over the ones which are more likely to be shrunk. For instance, the peplum tops over tulips pants or off the shoulder tops are not what the majority of the women are comfortable with. Similarly, you’d have come across many styles that are not every person’s cup of tea. One of the reasons being, expensive womens clothes than a relatively much cheaper kurtis in fashion and the efforts to make each dress super fancy. With the current luxury ladies clothing in the market being knee length embroidered kameez, fabulously paired up w ith trousers detailed with organza, and chan or jaal dupattas with fine finishing. Seems absolutely comfortable, sophisticated and stylish to deal with, even if the wedding venue be a lawn. What comes next is the unwillingness to purchase a whole new collection of three to four for a wedding affair.

Jewelries to go for

Statement earrings are the best choice for anyone, be it the best friend, cousin or the even a distant relative. Having no one other to judge for overdoing it, as long as the dangling earrings you go for are appealing as well. When the comfort zone is put under highlight, there is no stopping from going for delicate and light weight jewelry. Carry a studded clutch or a metallic or embellished one to glow along with you.

Color suggestions? Though fawn, teals and pastels are appealing to every eye but sometimes what makes you stand out is your fabulous choice to go against the herd and look one in a hundred. With waay clothing, figure out what color colors seems the most appealing on you, and have it delivered at your home since new embroidered dresses with astonishing styles are totally guaranteed.

Attire gracefully with lehengas

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 1:59 PM

Attire gracefully with lehengas

Bridal season is in and so are the lehengas. In the city of fashion, you can’t possibly be left behind on the trendy options for pretty much any apparel. You just have to know of where exactly to spot the quality fabrics to go with a variety of trends for a flattering lehenga and choli. With a hype of styles going on around the market from panels to embellished trellises, or from brocade trims to embellished tassels, one has just too much of a variety to hand pick from.

Multiple contrasts

The thing about bridal couture is that you can pair up pretty much anything over the bottom and look great. With the choice of picking a number of praise-grabbing contrasts when pairing up dupatta and lehenga over a crop top, the outfit gets more appealing for a mehendi night, be it for the bride or the bridesmaids. Selecting one of the contrast to be either black, navy blue or dark green is the easiest to select the opposing colors from. For the second selection, orange goes best with dark green, shocking pink with dark blue and black is the king for all. Go with shades of salmon, pink, green, blue or anything. Now the third contrast better be chosen carefully. You can either pick the third contrast from any kundan embellished work from either of the fabric or you can sensibly select the third contrast even without any hints from the other fabrics you’re donning. Another option is to go for two same colors to go for the third contrast or have all the piece of the same color. That pretty much gives more of a complete and sober look. Though donning three contrasts has its own charm but so does the minimal amount of contrast, of course depending upon what choices of embellishments you go for and how you choose to implement them. The carefully you design, the legendary the attire.

The right amount of embellished embroidery

There’s a whole showcase of embroidery marking impressions since the history of Mughals till present and it just gets more creative with every season that comes by. For the bridal wear as well as the pret wears and so on. You don’t just go with a couple of embellishments anymore. You go with hundreds. Okay jokes apart, not that much either but we have been watching the trends adopting around five to six sort of embellished embroidery to be approximate. With the sophisticated and selective mixture of dabka and/or nakshi dabka going with resham, velvet applique, salma sitaray, zardozi which is referred as ‘stitching with gold’, as well as kamdani, tilla, marodi, sequins, mukaish, French silver work and kundan along with the round and square diamantes. The list just doesn’t seem to end of how many ways you can possibly mix and match among all these.

The extras

How you choose to implement these embellished embroideries is again a whole new destiny to achieve when you’re actually passionate about it. For confusing moments, you can always surf through the bridal couture sites like you do when you’re up for online designer wear window shopping and have inspiring new clothes designs to rain over your wish list. You can visit for fancy inspirations. Now when you go through the product pictures, what you will most probably be witnessing among the trending extras, would be the embellished and ornamental tassels, braided or embellished belt, and crystal or kamdani jaal. Then there are the crystal, kamdani or badla chann, the gota work as well as in the rajasthani one, and the center panels. Like mentioned before, the evergreen list goes on to infinity.

What to do with the crop tops? You will look as graceful whether you pair up the lehenga with either a crop top, a medium length blouse, a short kameez length top or even a super long kameez but that would transform more into a bridal like couture. Anyhow, the neckline can be gone embellished with a handful of embroidery selections or absolutely plain in a velvet or any lighter fabric. So give your best attempts once and have a lehenga masterpiece to glow on you.

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