5 essentials cosmetics for your summer bags

Friday, April 7, 2017 2:55 PM

5 essentials cosmetics for your summer bags

Hand sanitizer, beloved phone, a wallet for the bills, and a water bottle most definitely are a woman’s essentials for her routine getaway, but with the summer intensifying, you’ve got to carry what’s rising among the cosmetic needs as well. Summer isn’t only about keeping yourself hydrated, getting hold on to the trending lawn suits and styling the hair exactly to beat the heat, but it’s also about going under the obligation of frequent makeup touch ups. Pretty sure you leave the house with your face all glowed up for the plan but, a wise lady tends to have herself prepared for even the most realistic scenarios. With dewy skin melting into a makeup disaster, what are those Must Haves that come to the rescue?

A lip stain

Attracting lip colors have the tendency to boost any makeover that you go through. If you choose to go for a failed look, pick an ugly shade of purple since it is that bold look that holds the tendency to ruin your look. Rather keep a constant lip color that not only compliments your skin tone but always lifts your look with pretty much any outfit of yours.

Sunscreen, the ultimate survival through the heat

The more important it is, the more neglected it usually turns out to many ladies out there. The right quality of a BB cream or a sunscreen better be your topmost priority no matter you go further with the makeup or not. So even if you run off in a hurry, at least you’ll a sunscreen to save you for the entire day.

Long lasting mascara

Nothing seems okay with sleepy eyes. Make your glances be of impact with appealing lashes. When you don’t actually have time to give your eyes a boost with a liner, a volumising mascara comes to the rescue to give you the lashes you deserve. Since you’ll be washing off your face once in a while, try picking a water resistant mascara so you don’t necessarily have to wipe off any washed away mascara.

A compact face powder

Never deny the power of a compact face powder as it is there for you at all the events when a tissue paper seems too rough to wipe away any moisture on the skin. Secure that dewy complexion with instant touch ups. Pick a MAC face powder or any that seems to be the best in your favor so you carry it in your SOS makeup pouch that stands for in every makeup emergency.

With all the makeup vitals, what’s even more important is a trendy bag that goes with pretty much any outfit too. With waayclothing.pk, have a go through at the trending bags collection for the summer.


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