Which Lawn to Buy This Summer?

Thursday, April 13, 2017 3:31 PM

Which Lawn to Buy This Summer?

Summer season is here and you know that summer seasons brings with it loads of lawn & cotton dresses. Varying from stuff quality to the price range plenty of designers’ summer collections are also in stores now. Print and electronic media got flooded by designer lawn ads before the start of the spring season. Seriously, being a female it’s a matter of great pride to choose unique and stunning lawn prints for the season.

Summer season in Pakistan is escalated and prolonged over a vast time period. It’s hot, typically seven months of a year and lawn is especially designed to wear in summer season. Lawn is fine cotton-based stuff, which is sleek, absorbent and easy to carry. Once upon a time it was just lawn but now it has become a “Lawn Mania”: a lifestyle and a status symbol. Credit goes to the arrival of designer’s summer collections.

Designer’s lawn fever is rising daily at an alarming rate. With the launch of new brands of premium lawn being featured. Designers’ collections are pretty exquisite, each lawn suit having different and unique designs that show their delicacy. For me it’s hard to digest that how a lawn outfit having the same material and color can be so variably different from the other. Tempting designs, embroidery, lace work, innovative hues and embellishment have taken lawns dresses entirely to a new level. Let me admit that eye-catching giant billboards, hoardings and tempting TV ads have made designers’ summer collections irresistible. Still women going crazy after the summer sales of lawn suits are not a healthy sign.

Every lawn brand has its own unique specialty in terms of color schemes, cuts, fabric quality, traditional design/patterns, and fusion of western and eastern styles. Some like bright colors and floral designs whereas others go for geometrical pattern and soothing colors. Styling sense of all the ladies are tailored and sharpened. Every year fresh designs and unique cuts are launched and it has molded the fashion sense of people in a positive way.

Online shopping has given a new horizon to the designer’s lawn and imitative designs collections. It’s very convenient to have a look at designs/prints in few clicks and make comparison of all the available options. But still it has its limitations. You can’t feel smoothness of lawn and charisma of design by just looking at a snapshot.

There was a time when exclusivity used to be the symbol of designers’ summers collection. But in a couple of years, replica industry has managed to settle its roots. Branded lawns are booming and so are the top class brand replicas. Every lady wants to wear stylish and trendy dresses of her favorite designer but most of the ladies can’t afford the original ones. Replicas of all top brands have made it possible to wear designer’s dresses with same designs, embroidery and good fabric quality in half price or sometimes even less than half price.

I guess it’s wise to opt for the lawn suits that are of good quality as well as pocket friendly. Choose the style that compliments your personality, the colors that compliment your skin tone and the designs that compliment your physical shape.

Is Silk Back in Fashion?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 12:12 PM

Is Silk Back in Fashion?

Nowadays, summer and women’s love for dresses both is on the peak. With the dramatic change in the weather, long hot sunny days and slightly cold breeze at nights have encouraged women to change their wardrobe and dressing styles.

Wondering What Fancy to Wear at Night Events?

We usually prefer to have a lawn dress for day plans while evenings have still left us with little more options. As we are also in the second wedding season in Pakistan after Eid, every on and off we have an invitation to a wedding or an event related to it. With the changing trends in fashion, silk dresses are now considered to be one of the most prominent party wear. Silk is the most loved to wear fabric for party dresses or night functions among young ladies as it looks

Designer Silk Collections are on the way!

Prior to the beginning of any new season, every one of the designers begins propelling their occasional outfits. Hence we see a tremendous collection of lovely dresses in markets. Pakistani designer is now launching their printed silk collection too. You can have party silk dresses for special occasions to have a different look. They additionally utilize endless colors to make them more striking. Keeping in mind the summers, the designer has utilized light and soft fabric to make you feel more comfortable and easy to carry. Even silk is also a very delicate and friendly stuff in which we can feel stylish as well as simple. You can wear it in all seasons and in all capacities. The dual nature of silk gives us cooler impact in winter and warm impact in summer. These collections have very vibrant and some of the very innovative designs and colors to enhance your look further. From floral to digital prints, with a diversity that will make you feel lively. With the right choice of colors and styles that will make your personality graceful and elegant silk dresses can take your look to the way you want. Experiment bright colors combining it with a little mix of light color with the embroideries to steal the show.

Tips for unstitched dresses

Monday, April 10, 2017 6:49 PM

Tips for unstitched dresses

Women’s closets are expected to be all about vibrant colors, captivating digital prints, and enchanting embroideries. Be it formal ensembles, casual attire or the details. Speaking of details, nothing excites the ladies any less. Pakistani ladies attire is a super diverse platform for all the trends; the hemline, yoke, creativity with the panels, details, and the sleeves! There comes a time when the designers choose to ditch the sleeves as keeping them plain, but then there comes a time when masterpieces are like a piece of cake for the designers. We’re seeing that the stroke of genius is here. 

The fancy fabric moments

This is so much to select among the new dress designs when you’re all excited to have a dress be made for super glamour occasion. It’s not just about the plain chiffon sleeves anymore that you look forward to. Get your creativity to work around the embroidery choices and go with dazzles that a delicate chan in kamdani silver or gold or go even fancier with a jaal embroidery work. Get artistic with zardozi, tilla or kundan work up the finishes on the sleeves. Know before you get it done, that quarter sleeves or full sleeved ones are the length to have you keep up with a flexible feel than the half ones. The best thing is that you can do anything on the cuffs and it will look pretty awesome.

From casuals to Pret wear

Even the basics aren’t absolutely compromised, you’ve got to at least have it go with a little touch of a pipe-in finish even if you’re going with simple printed sleeves. It’s quite an ease to have lawn prints already prepared to just be stich without having any vital need to buy any separate laces or stich-on finishes. If your selection goes stops at a plain fabric, you better go with thread embroidered or resham worked motifs or chan to give it a branded glow. Other than all that, organza cutout details are your savior for the season.

Where to stop by?

waayclothing.pk lets you stick along with all the trends with their lawn dresses collections and fancy chiffon dresses with all the delicate embroideries.


How to Carry a White Chiffon Suit with Elegance

Thursday, April 6, 2017 2:05 PM

How to Carry a White Chiffon Suit with Elegance

White is a color that symbolizes positivity, purity, and confidence. It shows the perfectness. White expresses coolness and softness. The White color is incredibly versatile. You can look as decent as you want in a white chiffon suit. If you never tried a white outfit just because of the fear of staining it or maybe you think your skin tone is too darker to handle white, you need to give it a try. Every woman should possess a white outfit since it is always of style, femininity, and class.

A white suit is reasonable for various events, it is very convenient for both spring and summer looks. It gives you delicate and classy look.

A White Dress with a Colorful Accessory

Since it is summer, and the fabric most preferred with to go with the casual look is lawn. A stylish white shalwar kameez with a colorful dupatta is the look which never expires. Lawn collection have many combinations of white with beautiful colors just to make it look more elegant and lively.  Try different flavors of white color. A creamy or pearly white embroidered dress with a colorful border and a vibrant chiffon dupatta is a kind of dress that can enhance your cool summer look at little more.  Since it is the shaadi season, and you’re planning to make a match look with all the sisters and cousins for a small private function like dholki or mayoon, this is the perfect choice for you. A white cotton dress and to add colors to it, use a bright and bubbly chiffon dupatta. You can also go with a chunri, phulkari or handloom dupattas also as per your choice or which is the most approved in your culture and tribe. White can be the color of your fancy as well as casual look.

Every summer has its Own Story

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 4:45 PM

Every summer has its Own Story

It's April already and Pakistan is all ready to welcome summer, apart from all fun and excitement, for some of us summer can be a little rough. As far as summer is the perfect time for beach party and vacations, it is also a crucial time for all kind of skin problems, annoying sweating, and direct tanning just by a slight exposure to the sun. College, university students know the daily struggle they have to face while facing the sun. The acne breakouts, oily or dry irritated skin and the dehydration, skin rashes and sun allergies can just make your summer even worst. Who says summer deserves to be celebrated when it give such agony? Your summer story can be either be the best one ever or the worst, depending on how much you prepared and ready yourself for it.

Be ready to face summer


Why not welcome summer? Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons which brings golden sunshine and blossoming flowers. Even if you are a student or an employee, a housewife or retired, by taking few things under consideration you can take the full advantage of long days of summer. First and foremost thing, stay hydrated. Make your daily consumption of liquid sufficient enough to survive and stay away from all the other glitches. Don’t face the sun directly, make sure to have a sunscreen on hand. Try some different recipes to maintain a healthy diet. Getting dressed during the dog days of summer! Quite hectic it can be, most of us know summer as an I-Have-No-Idea-What-To-Wear season. With the scorching sun and wish to just do nothing and be in an energy saving mode, style and flair somehow get neglected. There is always a way to look stylish as well as feel comfortable in summer you just need to find the right place.

Update Your Summer Wardrobe

One of the essential to-do things in summer is to make your wardrobe comfortable with summers. Get those high neck sweaters and zipper leather jackets out of sight and make some latest lawn collection part of your closet. You now have a variety of collection in lawn in summer colors and startling designs produced by Pakistani designers. If you don’t wish to go outside and shop, waayclothing.pk is the best option for you. Waayclothing.pk has the best deals and offers for you in casual as well as party dresses in cheap rates. It is the finest online shopping in Pakistan with cheap rates. Buy linen embroidery kurtis, net dupatta lawn suits, Pakistani shalwar kameez, and Pakistani lawn suits online just in your range.

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