For some reasons around the mid-summer trends, they all make a U-turn towards the one basic bright color that suits most of the people. Yeah, you’ve got that right. It’s the color yellow! As cheerful as the color may seem, this also demands some secret magic tips that we’re going to reveal.

Checkout the waay clothing party wear range and get the idea of in-trend and off trend themes.


The blunt mistake that we all do, scared by yellow’s cheeky attire afraid to stand out too-much on bright-scale is the use of nude lips. Wear what goes best with the dress rather than saving a safe-spot. Where nude lips can completely off-down your look bright color such as pink, fuchsia, orange can make you look all glowed up. You can also wear a darker shade with yellow if too much bright is just not your thing. Darker lip shades like maroon, dark brown and dark purple goes best with yellow top.


If you want to play safe, always go with the no-makeup look options. But if you want a complete satisfied, enhanced look you can go on and can experiment as much as you like with the look. This rule while wearing yellow remains same.


Choosing color combinations could be tricky especially if it’s a color all want to collab in. The colors that absorb yellow and should be avoided to contrast are very light colors like peel, etc. Yellow shines high when accompanied with colors like pink, blue, green, and lavender.

Note: yellow should be the base color when contrasting with different shades. This gives a lively cool attire to your style and can make you look stylishly educated.


Other colors can go well too but our advice for you would be to carry a black handbag if you’re donning a yellow attire. As the fashionistas say, “add something black to make you look dash”. A black handbag can do it for you if you’re looking for some edge in your look.

Note: leather blacks and trendy backpacks look super amazing with combination of dark-bright yellow color, whereas handbags and tote bags look good with other yellowish shades.

Yellow is not really a color all are comfortable with, but the enhanced use of the shade in summer lawn collection now provokes the desire to have one in every lady’s wardrobe. So if you’re scared to try it out yet still, give it a go with our handy dandy tips and tricks, and embrace the color with both hands. Go throug and have a look at our vast yellow collections.

5 Ways to Wear Velvet with Expertize

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 3:30 PM

5 Ways to Wear Velvet with Expertize

Velvet may not be the widely purchased or extensively used fabric among the clothing in Pakistan as much as the lawn and cotton dresses seem to be rocking among the new arrivals and summer trends, yet it is capable to look graceful– but it also has the potential to turn out as a disaster. Since, it’s a warm fabric, you can’t exactly wear a full velvet maxi or put on a velvet blazer under the scorching sun, so the ideal way to wear new dress designs on the fabric is to use hints of velvet only. Read through to know how to stay on the victory side of velvet.

Seek for the rich colors

It is undeniable that colors hold a dramatic change on to how a certain print can look when experimented with different tints and shades. A yellow brocade shirt will not look as good as the one in black. Velvet too gives more of a royal look if you pick a dark and rich shade of velvet. One of the reasons why maroon or black velvet is so extensively used. Feel free to experiment with emerald or sapphire velvet.

Quality approval

Crushed velvet is easy to seek for daywear but if the velvet is wrinkled, even the costly designs can look cheap. Rather go for smooth velvet that seems worth bringing home. Easiest way to spot a quality velvet is just by looking at it, it will attract your gaze at once.

Something velvety for the fancy formals too

With the fabric being good on its own, you can bits and pieces of velvet glamor on your formal or party wear dresses, either the yoke, the sleeves or anywhere else on the dress with the rest of the dress being an entire chiffon selection as long as you’re not adding an overdone look. Maroon and black is the easiest combination for you to go with. Just put on a pair of decent stilettos and grab a simple clutch for a finish look. Plus, don’t add in velvet shoes or accessories on top of that, so you don’t ruin your efforts for a splendid velvet featured outfit.

Accessorizing etiquettes

Anything in velvet looks great, as long as the weather allows to. When it comes to shoes, you’re at luck. Though velvet boots only tend to look sophisticated on western dressing, you still have velvet stilettos and the super casual velvet pumps. They’ve been the everyday wear trend for quite much now after suede apparels, the identical of it.

If it actually is just the velvet accessories and shoes, go for footwear and add in just one or two accessories, or else the look is going to seem over burdening and exhausting to look at.

One quick advice:

If you end up spilling any liquid on the velvet, don’t blot or wipe at it. Though this seems to be the instant reaction of many, but you’d only ruin the lavish texture that way. Instead of that, remove the garment and shake out the moistness. has a lot of offer in the ladies fancy wear collections. Feel free to indulge in a purchase for designer strategy dresses.

Party Wear Dresses for Ladies

Monday, April 17, 2017 3:03 PM

Party Wear Dresses for Ladies

It is a troublesome task to pick Party Wear Dresses for any event or capacity. At the point when a young lady chooses to go outside in a gathering, it is a hard choice for her to choose a dress. As each lady needs to look more excellent and flawless constantly. In this current age most of the young ladies do rivalry with another in various things, for example, design, excellence and style. All the best Pakistani designers are displaying great and beautiful party dresses for young ladies. They are as indicated by most recent pattern and each young lady will undoubtedly like them. Since she can satisfy her needs from this corner.

These party dresses are produced using refined and fine textures like silk, chiffon, garden, jamawar, cotton, Georgette and some more. All the women have the right to pick an outfit as she wants from some specific shops. As there are such a large number of hues and prints so one can choose any color, design or pattern whatever she needs.

Each lady has a privilege to look gorgeous and lovely that is the reason different Pakistani party dresses are accessible in a substantial number of collections. One may befuddle after seeing them since they all the ideal and reasonable for particular occasions. They will likewise make your identity incredible and encouraging similarly as you need.

Whenever you need to go in a function or wedding the primary question that comes in your mind is the thing that would it be appropriate for me to wear? I realize that everyone faces this situation particularly when a sudden occasion came. At that point all fashion lovers do some special arrangements with a specific end goal to look good and different from others and they head out shopping for dresses.

Nowadays wonderful dresses and long shirts with palazzo jeans are incorporating into new pattern so the designers made such sorts of party wear for ladies. You can see their part wear dresses prints and styles in the numerous pictures and you can likewise take different smart thoughts. A young lady can see a major rundown of these outfits from where she can without much of a stretch get her night party dress.

The division of dresses is kept up because of the class contrasts. Some rich ladies request high caliber as they can without much of a stretch manage the cost of them then again some low value outfits are made for white collar class ladies. In dresses distinctive styles are displayed, for example, anarkali, Kaili Yun wali, angrakha and so on. All the striking and splendid colors like green, blue, brilliant, dark, white, purple, orange, pink, maroon and red. Generally all the working ladies lean toward sewed gathering dresses since they need to spare time. Prepared to wear dresses of various well known designers are effectively available in Pakistan for the need of individuals. Taking a perspective of Pakistani party wear for the young ladies.

4 Cool Summer Color Combinations that will make you feel Peaceful

Summer is all about lively and vibrant colors to experiment with. Mostly women in Pakistan go with the lawn fabric in summers for casual as well as formal wear. Many latest trends in embroidery and decorations can be seen in the latest designer collection. Front neck embroideries, borders, back motifs, chiffon dupattas are the most common in designer lawn collection, but all these look dazzling with the color choice. You can bring your wardrobe to life and your look even decent with these fresh and beautiful color combinations.

Have a breezy sensation

Want to have something in a little lighter and soft tone be the fresh breeze in summer? A palette of ocean blue, latte, soft pink, and lavender can just make you feel relaxed and calm. This combination lets you feel happy and warm-hearted.

Black and Pale Green

White is a color that can beat the heat and ask for peace. Whereas black is a universal favorite color. The combination of black and white with any shade of green gives such a natural glimpse that can make your eyes cooler in summers.  Mixing creamy shades of white with lime and add a touch of black in it. If black seems too mainstream to you, go for a lighter tone such as grey. Grey will never disappoint you. Combining grey with dark green creates a classy and mysterious look. It looks beautiful when you add white into the mix. Soft grey with lime green or navy green speaks on its own.

Aqua and Cherry Red

Blue and red are colors that when wearing as one color head-to-toe or combine both gives a sparkling and evergreen touch. This color combo is perfect for your day hangouts as well as a night functions. Keeping the shade of aqua a little lighter and red brighter, this one is the impeccable combo for summer weddings.

ECLECTIC Shades of Pink with emerald

Pink is the color to fall in love with this summer. With the rest of the shades of pink, Pale Dogwood pink is the vital and leading color for this year! Combine it with shades of sea green and let it do wonders. Just think of any of the shade of pink, and you will definitely find it even in runway collection, either casual or bridal. Apart from clothing, try a black and white with blush peach pink for your summer interior to make the sun a little soft.

Which Lawn to Buy This Summer?

Thursday, April 13, 2017 3:31 PM

Which Lawn to Buy This Summer?

Summer season is here and you know that summer seasons brings with it loads of lawn & cotton dresses. Varying from stuff quality to the price range plenty of designers’ summer collections are also in stores now. Print and electronic media got flooded by designer lawn ads before the start of the spring season. Seriously, being a female it’s a matter of great pride to choose unique and stunning lawn prints for the season.

Summer season in Pakistan is escalated and prolonged over a vast time period. It’s hot, typically seven months of a year and lawn is especially designed to wear in summer season. Lawn is fine cotton-based stuff, which is sleek, absorbent and easy to carry. Once upon a time it was just lawn but now it has become a “Lawn Mania”: a lifestyle and a status symbol. Credit goes to the arrival of designer’s summer collections.

Designer’s lawn fever is rising daily at an alarming rate. With the launch of new brands of premium lawn being featured. Designers’ collections are pretty exquisite, each lawn suit having different and unique designs that show their delicacy. For me it’s hard to digest that how a lawn outfit having the same material and color can be so variably different from the other. Tempting designs, embroidery, lace work, innovative hues and embellishment have taken lawns dresses entirely to a new level. Let me admit that eye-catching giant billboards, hoardings and tempting TV ads have made designers’ summer collections irresistible. Still women going crazy after the summer sales of lawn suits are not a healthy sign.

Every lawn brand has its own unique specialty in terms of color schemes, cuts, fabric quality, traditional design/patterns, and fusion of western and eastern styles. Some like bright colors and floral designs whereas others go for geometrical pattern and soothing colors. Styling sense of all the ladies are tailored and sharpened. Every year fresh designs and unique cuts are launched and it has molded the fashion sense of people in a positive way.

Online shopping has given a new horizon to the designer’s lawn and imitative designs collections. It’s very convenient to have a look at designs/prints in few clicks and make comparison of all the available options. But still it has its limitations. You can’t feel smoothness of lawn and charisma of design by just looking at a snapshot.

There was a time when exclusivity used to be the symbol of designers’ summers collection. But in a couple of years, replica industry has managed to settle its roots. Branded lawns are booming and so are the top class brand replicas. Every lady wants to wear stylish and trendy dresses of her favorite designer but most of the ladies can’t afford the original ones. Replicas of all top brands have made it possible to wear designer’s dresses with same designs, embroidery and good fabric quality in half price or sometimes even less than half price.

I guess it’s wise to opt for the lawn suits that are of good quality as well as pocket friendly. Choose the style that compliments your personality, the colors that compliment your skin tone and the designs that compliment your physical shape.

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