4 Cool Summer Color Combinations that will make you feel Peaceful

Summer is all about lively and vibrant colors to experiment with. Mostly women in Pakistan go with the lawn fabric in summers for casual as well as formal wear. Many latest trends in embroidery and decorations can be seen in the latest designer collection. Front neck embroideries, borders, back motifs, chiffon dupattas are the most common in designer lawn collection, but all these look dazzling with the color choice. You can bring your wardrobe to life and your look even decent with these fresh and beautiful color combinations.

Have a breezy sensation

Want to have something in a little lighter and soft tone be the fresh breeze in summer? A palette of ocean blue, latte, soft pink, and lavender can just make you feel relaxed and calm. This combination lets you feel happy and warm-hearted.

Black and Pale Green

White is a color that can beat the heat and ask for peace. Whereas black is a universal favorite color. The combination of black and white with any shade of green gives such a natural glimpse that can make your eyes cooler in summers.  Mixing creamy shades of white with lime and add a touch of black in it. If black seems too mainstream to you, go for a lighter tone such as grey. Grey will never disappoint you. Combining grey with dark green creates a classy and mysterious look. It looks beautiful when you add white into the mix. Soft grey with lime green or navy green speaks on its own.

Aqua and Cherry Red

Blue and red are colors that when wearing as one color head-to-toe or combine both gives a sparkling and evergreen touch. This color combo is perfect for your day hangouts as well as a night functions. Keeping the shade of aqua a little lighter and red brighter, this one is the impeccable combo for summer weddings.

ECLECTIC Shades of Pink with emerald

Pink is the color to fall in love with this summer. With the rest of the shades of pink, Pale Dogwood pink is the vital and leading color for this year! Combine it with shades of sea green and let it do wonders. Just think of any of the shade of pink, and you will definitely find it even in runway collection, either casual or bridal. Apart from clothing, try a black and white with blush peach pink for your summer interior to make the sun a little soft.

Tips for unstitched dresses

Monday, April 10, 2017 6:49 PM

Tips for unstitched dresses

Women’s closets are expected to be all about vibrant colors, captivating digital prints, and enchanting embroideries. Be it formal ensembles, casual attire or the details. Speaking of details, nothing excites the ladies any less. Pakistani ladies attire is a super diverse platform for all the trends; the hemline, yoke, creativity with the panels, details, and the sleeves! There comes a time when the designers choose to ditch the sleeves as keeping them plain, but then there comes a time when masterpieces are like a piece of cake for the designers. We’re seeing that the stroke of genius is here. 

The fancy fabric moments

This is so much to select among the new dress designs when you’re all excited to have a dress be made for super glamour occasion. It’s not just about the plain chiffon sleeves anymore that you look forward to. Get your creativity to work around the embroidery choices and go with dazzles that a delicate chan in kamdani silver or gold or go even fancier with a jaal embroidery work. Get artistic with zardozi, tilla or kundan work up the finishes on the sleeves. Know before you get it done, that quarter sleeves or full sleeved ones are the length to have you keep up with a flexible feel than the half ones. The best thing is that you can do anything on the cuffs and it will look pretty awesome.

From casuals to Pret wear

Even the basics aren’t absolutely compromised, you’ve got to at least have it go with a little touch of a pipe-in finish even if you’re going with simple printed sleeves. It’s quite an ease to have lawn prints already prepared to just be stich without having any vital need to buy any separate laces or stich-on finishes. If your selection goes stops at a plain fabric, you better go with thread embroidered or resham worked motifs or chan to give it a branded glow. Other than all that, organza cutout details are your savior for the season.

Where to stop by?

waayclothing.pk lets you stick along with all the trends with their lawn dresses collections and fancy chiffon dresses with all the delicate embroideries.


How to Carry a White Chiffon Suit with Elegance

Thursday, April 6, 2017 2:05 PM

How to Carry a White Chiffon Suit with Elegance

White is a color that symbolizes positivity, purity, and confidence. It shows the perfectness. White expresses coolness and softness. The White color is incredibly versatile. You can look as decent as you want in a white chiffon suit. If you never tried a white outfit just because of the fear of staining it or maybe you think your skin tone is too darker to handle white, you need to give it a try. Every woman should possess a white outfit since it is always of style, femininity, and class.

A white suit is reasonable for various events, it is very convenient for both spring and summer looks. It gives you delicate and classy look.

A White Dress with a Colorful Accessory

Since it is summer, and the fabric most preferred with to go with the casual look is lawn. A stylish white shalwar kameez with a colorful dupatta is the look which never expires. Lawn collection have many combinations of white with beautiful colors just to make it look more elegant and lively.  Try different flavors of white color. A creamy or pearly white embroidered dress with a colorful border and a vibrant chiffon dupatta is a kind of dress that can enhance your cool summer look at little more.  Since it is the shaadi season, and you’re planning to make a match look with all the sisters and cousins for a small private function like dholki or mayoon, this is the perfect choice for you. A white cotton dress and to add colors to it, use a bright and bubbly chiffon dupatta. You can also go with a chunri, phulkari or handloom dupattas also as per your choice or which is the most approved in your culture and tribe. White can be the color of your fancy as well as casual look.

Block Prints: Traditional yet Modern

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 7:13 PM

Block Prints: Traditional yet Modern

Pakistani women love to celebrate fashion, colors, and style. Talking about fashion, it fluctuates with time. Sometimes short shorts are trending, while other times we see long shirts. With all these changes, some trends are timeless just like block printing. Block printing has its roots early in East Asia and ancient China. At first, it was used for both items of clothing as well as on paper.

Charm of Our Ancient Civilization

We have block printing as a part of our civilization, some of us have already overheard Sindhi Ajrak, very famous apparel in Indus civilization. At first, there were craftmen who used to have certain block designs and women who wished to get their favorite prints visit the block print shops with barrels of dye used in the printing process or there were some particular fabrics on which some certain prints were available in the market. With the passage of time, as the trend of designer wear gets hotter, Pakistani designers came into the market with innovative ideas with simple block prints. Now, many Pakistani dress designers are providing women with more fresh, creative yet attractive and colorful block printing dresses in their latest collections. Although dyes, types of clothes and designs may have transformed, the carving of the wooden block and process of stamping roughly remains the same in some Pakistani and Indian regions.

New Tides in Block Prints

Pakistan is becoming more and more popular with block printing as it allows versatility in design. It can be attire with formal as well as casual dresses depending on your choice of fabric. Many Pakistani designers have introduced this affinity of having a silk cotton suit with hand block print on the borders of the dupatta. Your perfect Eastern look for a proper gathering. Block prints are common and trending in Kurtis as well. A straight shirt with a mix and match combo of colors of block print with a palazzo or cigarette pants can be your seamless party wear. According to the recent climate situation, lawn is the best outfit to attire. Lawn block printed suits in summer color can be the most part of your wardrobe.

Buy the best designer lawn collection with unique and mesmerizing designs in cheap rates online at waayclothing.pk.

Kurtis are One General Choice These Days

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 7:13 PM

Kurtis are One General Choice These Days

Short shirts aka kurtis are almost seen everywhere nowadays. As a matter of fact, girls love to shop no matter what. We have a simple rule if you can’t stop thinking of it, buy it. It's irony how girls would be shopping all their lives and still would have nothing to wear. Kurtis are just the perfect choice for us! Every woman loves to wear stylish clothes and want to live with the trending fashion, then we also desire for comfort. If you haven’t already noticed, Kurtis are taking over casual ethnic wear and are leading the parade. We’re all crushing on these latest kurtis and think it should be at the top of our shopping list.

Here Comes the Sun

Since Pakistan faces hot weather most of the year, and with this summer festival the only thing which can make the sun a little less luminous is a comfortable outfit. April has just started, and the sun is getting brighter day by day in most countries of Pakistan, especially Karachi is the first one to say farewell to winters and give a warm welcome to summers. With the start of summer season, the most trend gossip in women is the designer summer collection. Every year Pakistani designers launch a bundle of dazzling and amazing designs for summers in fabric that are easy to attire in this weather such as lawn, cotton as well as linen. Women are already chatting what to wear next and most of us have already decided.

Kurtis Are Always Trending

Kurtis or kurta, either short or long, they have always been trending in every era. These give girls a stylish, elegant and attractive look when paired with cigarette pants or straight trousers. Kurtis is the best choice for both casual and formal gathering and the best part is it comes with comfort. They can be your own style statement. Different Pakistani designers are experimenting different artifacts with kurtis to make it more striking and stylish. Digital printed Kurtis are one of them. Whoever said that kurtis are for casual wear, is just so mistaken, as now with the recent perfections in tunics, they have become more embroidered, have so many abstract designs, block or floral prints and delicate motifs that your party closet has been looking for. If you are looking for a casual dress then go for the lawn or cotton kurtis, they have the refreshing and beautiful designs and colors that are best for summer. Designer kurtis have floral patterns and digital embroidery prints in order to make them formal as well as chic.

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