Types of Accessories You Can Carry Your to Attire Gracefully

Fashion and style are not just limited to dresses, it also includes a number of other items. You cannot deny the effect of accessories on a complete dressed up look. No matter what occasion you are planning to, either formal of casual, even simple type of fashion accessory can give you the iconic look.  No matter of what age group you are, fashion accessories are a must. You can always find one suitable for your age.

Handbags and Clutches

One of the most common and logical women accessories that come in mind is handbags. You can always find women’s handbags in every size and shape, for any kind of event. They have been a part of women’s everyday life either school going teens or a professional woman. From small clutches to large sized totes, you can select according to your necessity and level of formality. Digitally printed clutches are trending in young ladies. A classic chain bag is something that never gets old and gives you the classy and stylish look.

Jewelry Items

Jewelry has been a part of women’s attire since centuries and cultures. You can always look stunning with the right choice of jewelry. There are different designs and materials available in every range of price. If you are going for a glossy fancy party dress keep a lighter tone in jewelry like go with a nice necklace, or just have the heavy stylish pair of earrings. Large pendants and rings are also very trending.

Wrist watches and Bracelets

Wearing the right picks of accessories in wrist has always a great impact on the personality. At first, choriyan were a compulsory part of women’s overall attire in our culture, but with the changing fashion trends, it has been replaced by bracelets and chains. Even wristwatches are available in many new designs and styles, which can give you a professional look as well as goes well with fancy attire.

Shoes and Scarves

The most important of all accessory without which your look can’t be completed is a nice pair of shoes. There is a lot of variety ranging from simple flip flops to high heels. Choose the right option for you according to the dress. You don’t have to make blunders like wearing a bright pair of sneakers with a lehenga just to look cool or different. Scarves are also there to give you a graceful look.





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5 essentials cosmetics for your summer bags

Friday, April 7, 2017 2:55 PM

5 essentials cosmetics for your summer bags

Hand sanitizer, beloved phone, a wallet for the bills, and a water bottle most definitely are a woman’s essentials for her routine getaway, but with the summer intensifying, you’ve got to carry what’s rising among the cosmetic needs as well. Summer isn’t only about keeping yourself hydrated, getting hold on to the trending lawn suits and styling the hair exactly to beat the heat, but it’s also about going under the obligation of frequent makeup touch ups. Pretty sure you leave the house with your face all glowed up for the plan but, a wise lady tends to have herself prepared for even the most realistic scenarios. With dewy skin melting into a makeup disaster, what are those Must Haves that come to the rescue?

A lip stain

Attracting lip colors have the tendency to boost any makeover that you go through. If you choose to go for a failed look, pick an ugly shade of purple since it is that bold look that holds the tendency to ruin your look. Rather keep a constant lip color that not only compliments your skin tone but always lifts your look with pretty much any outfit of yours.

Sunscreen, the ultimate survival through the heat

The more important it is, the more neglected it usually turns out to many ladies out there. The right quality of a BB cream or a sunscreen better be your topmost priority no matter you go further with the makeup or not. So even if you run off in a hurry, at least you’ll a sunscreen to save you for the entire day.

Long lasting mascara

Nothing seems okay with sleepy eyes. Make your glances be of impact with appealing lashes. When you don’t actually have time to give your eyes a boost with a liner, a volumising mascara comes to the rescue to give you the lashes you deserve. Since you’ll be washing off your face once in a while, try picking a water resistant mascara so you don’t necessarily have to wipe off any washed away mascara.

A compact face powder

Never deny the power of a compact face powder as it is there for you at all the events when a tissue paper seems too rough to wipe away any moisture on the skin. Secure that dewy complexion with instant touch ups. Pick a MAC face powder or any that seems to be the best in your favor so you carry it in your SOS makeup pouch that stands for in every makeup emergency.

With all the makeup vitals, what’s even more important is a trendy bag that goes with pretty much any outfit too. With waayclothing.pk, have a go through at the trending bags collection for the summer.

Trending shawls this season

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 12:33 PM

Trending shawls this season

The time is gone when any dress could go with any sort of pairing between tie and die dupattas and even with pekoes on the borders and polka dots all around them.


Now: Patterned dupattas; Before: Phulkari chadars

The trend of phulkari chadars were just the guests of the winter. Though many women were not that great of a fan of the Sindhi karahi chadars that went viral in a variety of cultural combination of vibrant colors. It has all now transformed into the spring fever.

The proper Pakistani shalwar kameez that come with a full fledge patterned dupattas in cotton or lawn are adorned. With a variety of colors along with the vibrant ground color, and superior diversity in patterns and prints make it an ease to pair it with any other dress as an alternative.

Now: Ajrak; Before: Cashmere Shawls

Cashmere Shawls would fix up pretty much any attire you decided to wrap around. Well that was winters and since the weather seems to be warming up, the Ajrak has started to play its dual role after marking its fashion appearance throughout the winters. Ajrak has always been known to warm us up as well as cool us down during the opposing weather. So, the evergreen Ajrak too, has taken over this season.

Now: Chiffon with patterned borders; Before: Black or White linen

Black or white linen dupattas have always been a basic fashion emergency solution but that can’t always go gracefully. Traditional dresses can get the ‘complete’ look by pairing up a plain chiffon dupatta of the matching color or the ground color of the dress and instead of going for the mainstream pekoes. Just get the matching patterned cloth stitched on to the dupatta’s border and the lining, if you happen to be having the dress stitched.


Now: Chunri dupattas; Before: Tie n’ die dupattas

Chunri dupattas are exceptionally still around, they were thought of being a thing of the past but it is back with a bang. Now that the trend is being adorned by almost everyone, the eternally youthful fabric perfectly pairs up with pretty much any dress but it seems to go better for slimmer women. Though tie n’ die dupattas in chiffon or georgette fabrics are still being worn but they don’t go with as much of a charm.

Selection of colors is a whole vast thing. Selecting between either the perfect second contrasts for the dress or picking the color from slightest color hints from the kurti. Red, Blue, and Multicolored patterned dupattas are always a savior for situations when you can’t just find the matched dupatta for the dress and you’ve to go with the alternatives.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017 2:34 PM



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